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7 shopping secrets you must know!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016
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Vacations usually overflow with visits to natural wonders, museums, historical and cultural sites. But the holiday is never complete without a liberating shopping experience for clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelleries, electronics, spices and what not!

Are you a shopaholic who secretly wishes for the sightseeing to be done so that you could head out shopping?

Well then, read on! Here are shopping secrets you should know so that you donÔÇÖt get taken for a ride while shopping.

Shopping secrets

Do your research

Before you travel, find out what the specialities of your destination are. This will ensure that you donÔÇÖt end up buying stuff thatÔÇÖs easily available in your home market. Have exchange rate differences in mind, so that you can quickly fix your bargain.

Shop with the locals

The locals know where you can get the best authentic souvenirs that reflect the spirit of your location. Find out where they buy their spices, handicrafts, clothes etc. That would certainly be one of the least expensive places to hunt for mementos.

The colourful flea markets are also the best places to look for local flavours and exotic treasures that you cannot find at supermarkets or high street stores. These open-air markets help you to experience the true essence of the local culture.

Strike a bargain

Sharpening your bargaining skills is very important when you shop abroad. Or else youÔÇÖll have to risk falling prey to tourist traps and paying way more than is fair. Never attempt to bargain for items you donÔÇÖt intend to buy, as it could bring down your credibility at the shop. If you are happy with your purchase and the price tag, then itÔÇÖs all that matters.

Head to factory outlets

Big brands usually have their factory outlets in the city outskirts. To get deep discounts and significant savings, plan a trip and head to these outlets. This also gives you the opportunity to explore more flavours of the region.

Retain your receipts

Always make sure you file your receipts. This will help in accounting as well as returning any regretful purchase made.

Get your VAT refunded

In certain countries you can get your Value Added Taxes (VAT) refunded at the airport. However to do that, you must check with the retailer to see if the VAT refund is applicable for the purchase. Make sure the salesperson or a representative fills out the required documentation. Keep all your purchases, receipt and forms intact to be presented at the customs for refund.

Use travel cards

ItÔÇÖs a wise decision to use a travel card to manage cash while shopping. You can pay for your POS and online purchases and even make safe ATM withdrawals in a foreign land with a travel card. Managing money becomes hassle-free and if even stolen or missed, it could be blocked and easily replaced.

There are several prepaid travel cards such as Gocash that offers multi-currency usage, ATM withdrawal, POS and online payment, and 6 out of 16 world currencies reload facility.

With the above secrets in mind, go ahead indulge in your retail therapy sessions!

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