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Are homestays here to stay?

Monday, 13 February 2017
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Where would you prefer to stay, when you are on a holiday?

A warm cosy place with soulful encounters, and home-made delicacies, or an impersonal, cold star-rated hotel? The former would be the unanimous choice, we suppose!

Homestays are today becoming the most popular choice of accommodation for travellers whoÔÇÖd love to experience the true essence and hospitality of the locale, as it is.  To facilitate this, native people rent out rooms from their homes, thus giving tourists a genuine feel of the destination. ItÔÇÖs a win-win situation for travellers and hosts, allowing the supply and demand mechanism to function smoothly during peak seasons. So are homestays here to stay?

Yes, they most definitely are!

More and more solo travellers, families, couples, students and even business travellers are opting for homestays for its cost-effectiveness. Apart from getting lots of insider intelligence about festivals, local rules and traditions, restaurants, transportation, attractions and shopping, guests form lasting new friendships, which is a great perk. With many more hosts, opening up their homes, to tourists, it goes to show that homestays probably fill the emotional and financial needs of travellers, which hotels canÔÇÖt fulfil.  Here are a few advantages of a homestays:

  • Local culture and tradition - Tourists get a much closer peek at the local culture and language because the host family is usually well versed with the same. You get to know how they celebrate birthdays, holidays, their recipes, night time routines, and how they bond with their families. ItÔÇÖs a fantastic learning experience. The takeawaysÔÇÖ would be immense and heart-warming.
  • Learn a new language- At the end of the trip, you can update your resume on your additional language skills.  This will help expand your abilities, and you will surely bond over the language mishaps as well!
  • Cost effective - As the facilities in homestays are much simpler and more homely, they are less pricey as compared to star hotel accomodations.
  • Fight homesickness - If you are a student, solo-traveller or a business traveller, homesickness is something that could pull you down. Staying in a family environment can help you feel at home and help combat any feelings of homesickness, by having siblings, aunts, or uncles you never had.

To enjoy the above benefits, all you have to do is just login to any homestay network online and choose the right home. Base your search on a range of filters including distance from city centre, local neighbourhoods, catered meals, amenities including wireless internet, plus the hosts' hobbies and interests etc.

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For better security and transparency, itÔÇÖs better to refer as many reviews as possible and choose homestays using renowned aggregator networks such as Airbnb.

ItÔÇÖs important to remember that home owners might have their own house rules, so some discipline is essential.  You can pay for your accommodation using online money transfer or  bank remittance or based on their mode of preference.  It seems to be increasingly clear therefore that homestays are definitely here to stay because it caters to those on a budget, or those looking for a more congenial atmosphere, when compared to the slightly distant approach of hotels.

So where are you going next?

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