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Avoid these words, if you don’t want to be judged at work

Friday, 12 May 2017
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Did you know that words are the most powerful force with latent, instant ability to destroy or build anything?

Even at our workplace, verbal communication is vital. It really doesn’t matter how accomplished you are, there are certain sentences that instantly plunge down your credibility and have a detrimental effect on your career. These lines may not be ruthless or wreckless. But the sheer helplessness hidden in these lines below will kill your career.

“Why should I help? It’s not part of my job description.”

If you don’t want to be perceived as a petty coward, then you should refrain from saying the above lines. Not only does it undermine your attitude, but it also portrays you as a rigid, non-team player. But if you feel you are really overexploited, then discuss the scenario with your boss to see whether your job description is updated. However you must also exercise some amount of flexibility and help out wherever you can, even if it does not come under your work purview.

“It’s not fair.”

If you don’t want to risk looking immature or naïve, then you should not utter the above line. Everyone knows life is not fair. Your boss is probably looking to see how you handle the unfair situation. So instead of stating the obvious, be constructive, analyse the circumstance and gently delve into how you can better the situation next time.

Ten things never say at work


“It’s his/her fault. Not mine.”

Even if it indeed was not your fault, it’s not a good idea to point out and blame. Offer a completely objective description of what happened to your higher ups. Be subtle, tactful and stick to the facts while indicating the errors done by the other employee. This will reinforce your credibility and accountability with your boss and colleagues. Also you will not be targeted for a strike back for any light error you might end up committing in future.

“This is the way it’s always been done.”

Every company or boss wants an employee who evolves and develops. People who say the above line are seen as ones who are lazy and resist change. They are perceived to be a threat to the growth of self and company. However if you have strong reasons to believe that the existing process is better, then present the facts to your boss in a convincing manner. Ensure you don’t sound obsolete.

“I hate my job.”

This is the worst thing you can say at work. From the moment those words blurted out of your mouth, consider your career ruined! Then on, your work will be considered as haphazard and unsatisfactory, even if you put your heart and soul in it. Since no one wants a pessimist on their team, your higher ups will be only waiting for the opportune moment to get rid of you. However if your really have concern or issues about your job, take it up as a healthy discussion with your boss. Remember that optimistic, passionate replacements are waiting just around the corner!

Hence, whenever you feel your work situation demands you to use the above phrases, use alternative lines tempered with tact and wisdom.

Enjoy your working experience and use words that only boost your career!

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