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Simple Safety Hacks for Solo Women Explorers!

Monday, 02 November 2015
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Wandering, like the bustle of a child, leads to the discovery of self & the world. This learning helps one unlearn redundant notions, evolve as a better person and appreciate what it means to be human. To wander is to be alive!

Travelling solo is not as intimidating as it seems. It is infact a liberating, soul-searching experience to get out of your comfort zone, nurture your carefree spirit that brings about inner healing.

Here are a few simple tips for trouble free solo travel.

empowered solo women explorers
Exude Confidence
Confidence not only makes you look awesome, but also gives you that protective layer, to ward off cold advances. Never walk around looking lost.

Backup Plans
Have backup plans A, B & C. When in doubt about the company you keep, the food you eat or where you stay, trust your feminine instincts and act on it.

Hansel & Gretel of Social Media
Just as Hansel & Gretel left pebble trails, imprint your travel trajectory on social media. Post pictures, travel plans and new friend introductions, so that your family can keep track of you.

Make Informed Decisions
When invited to the residences of the party acquaintances, exercise discretion and meet up in public places. Always be alert, reasonable manipulations are ok to stay safe.

Live Local
Thinking, acting & dressing local is very important. Research local customs and learn basic phrases in their native language.

Research your Accommodation Options
Ensure you research about the accommodation before booking the same. Whether you opt for hotels, homestays or hostels, make sure they are safe by analysing reviews. You can also write to, or speak with, former guests (option available travel review websites) to know more.

Be Smart with Technology
With technology in your hands, you are never alone. There are several mobile apps that help you right from trip planning to booking tickets!

Here are a few:

  • Google Translate

              This app comes in handy, right from the time you step out of the airport. You will never be at loss for words with this app in your smartphone.

  • SitOrSquat

              With SitOrSquat app in your smartphone, you need not run around asking directions when nature calls. Simply key in your location to trace the closest closet.

  • Safetipin

              This app gives you security info about your area of stay, local emergency and utility service numbers. It also guides you with the best possible directions to reach                          there.

The apps mentioned above are just the tip of the mobile technology iceberg. Research to uncover more such apps.

Beware of Free Public Wifi
Always check for VPN connections before accessing your bank, or paying online. While free public Wifi may sound inviting, it is the easiest way for miscreants to eavesdrop and steal your bank passwords.

Simple yet Powerful Hacks
Let me conclude with simple but powerful hacks.

  • Have a dummy wallet in your pocket with a few gift cards. When cornered you could hand it over without losing anything vital
  • Photograph all your cards, passport, itinerary and bookings. Keep them in a secure online place that can accessed from any computer
  • Secure emergency cash inside tampon packs and sun tan lotions
  • Never accept car rides from strangers

Travelling solo empowers women and is an amazing experience. Calm your nerves, go-with-the flow and enjoy your trip!

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