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5 Simple Apps for an Incredible Travel Experience

Sunday, 28 February 2016
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The contagious thrill of exploring the unknown is catching up. Travel aspirations are on the rise with greater thirst for exotic experiences. TripAdvisor Travel Trends 2016 reveals that 69% of world travellers have planned to venture out into new fascinating locales, 17% of them want to wander solo, and 15% want to get onto adventure travel, all for the first time.

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Whether it is a road trip, a cruise or a flight, staying connected online is key to avoiding overwhelming scenarios. Go for the following 5 mobile apps to ease out and enliven your trip.

Citymapper: Need info on subway / metro, train, bus, cab, ferry or bike rentals? Citymapper is the ultimate public transportation app that helps you find the best route with real-time directions and departure times.

Foodspotting: Don’t let your hunger pangs get you grumpy. Foodspotting app caters to your food cravings by helping you find your favourite food aided by your friends, experts and other foodspotters.

XE Currency: For on-the-go currency conversion information with/without internet connectivity, XE Currency is the app you must possess.

Splittr: It’s quite a task to keep track of group expenses on multi-destination trips, especially while travelling with friends. With Splittr, you’ll just have to enter who paid what. The rest is taken care of.

TripLingo: Interacting with the indigenous people could add an awesome flavour to your jaunt. TripLingo app helps you engage better with the locals by offering vernacular phrases and translations with built-in security and money-saving features.

Basking in the serene morning sun in the Maldives, stunned at the swirl of green in the Artic skies, hitchhiking on the picturesque South American roads, enjoying soul soothing African safaris in unspoilt landscapes; you’ll find your true freedom only when you pop out of your comfortable ecosystem.

We’d love to know which mobile app helped you the most while traveling. It feels great to be lost yet connected!

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