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Five ways to fight Monday blues!

Monday, 07 November 2016
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Returning to work on Monday morning after a fun weekend could be really hard. With meetings, deadlines and more work lined up, anxiety, sadness and stress could overwhelm you. So how do you beat the Monday blues and be more productive?

Here are five ways to get more work done and get back to your productive self on Mondays.

Have a great breakfast

Good food makes everything better. So before you get ready to tackle work, ensure you have a sumptuous breakfast. Now you can be assured that itÔÇÖs not you thatÔÇÖs cranky!

Dress to impress

Ensure you dress to impress yourself and feel good about the way you look. This is a clear confidence booster that will sail you smoothly through turbulent waters all day.

Monday blues

Arrive early and catch up

Come to work atleast 30 minutes earlier on Monday mornings. Catch up with colleagues and ease your stress over friendly banter. Then check emails and review any to-do lists you may have.

Schedule to take on the biggie

Schedule the most challenging task to be completed first. This will make you feel more accomplished as you start your week.

Prep before the weekend
There are some preps you could do on Friday, which will help you ward off the Monday blues easily. Before you leave for your weekend, make a list of what needs to be done the following week. This way, everything is better organised and ready to go, when you return, Monday morning.

How will you fight the Monday blues? Tell us!

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