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Globe Trotting New-Age Women

Sunday, 20 November 2011
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November 20, 2011


The need to discover and experience is deep within every human being. That is the reason why since ancient times people have set their sails in discovery of that faraway land. Journeys bring in a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation about the time to come.

For a long time, if a woman travelled abroad she usually went with her spouse or the family. Once in a while, a woman would move abroad for studies or jobs. Woman travelling alone for wanderlust was rare to come by. There is no doubt though that the trend is catching up. And if you are planning to be one of those globe-trotting voyagers, here are a few pointers that will help you make your journey a memory of the lifetime.

Travel Itinerary and Expenses

Travelling alone will definitely be a distinct experience than travelling with family. Since you will be travelling alone it is apparent that you have to be fully responsible for the entire travel.  Preparation is an important aspect that will go a long way in making your trip easy. One helping factor would be a travel itinerary. A rough outline of the stay, like accommodation and expenses, would be very beneficial. A copy of the same and your contact details should be provided to a close friend or relative, in case of emergency.

If you are travelling with a touring company find out details regarding what the packages cover. Here are a few aspects you must be absolutely clear about.

Transport: Details of whether the travel agency covers the charges for the flight to and fro. Would they be providing any transport for local sightseeing?

Accomodation: Are they providing hotel accommodation? Most travel agencies do but you need to find out if the hotel suits your tastes.

Diet: It would be advisable to enquire and inform about your dietary requirements. You should inform the hotel beforehand if you have any specific dietary requirements, like vegetarian, vegan, no dairy or simply if you are allergic to some foods.


Research And Discuss

Research is the most important thing to do before setting out on a voyage all by yourself. Read books, blogs and surf the internet for information on your destination. It would be good to discuss in travel forums. It would be good to know what to expect to a certain extent. Although the actual visit will be eventful in its own way!


Couchsurfers Unanimous

Couchsurfing is a concept introduced by a USA based non-profit, social networking website called Couchsurfers Inc. The concept has evolved independently since then. So Couchsurfing is a practice of moving from one personÔÇÖs house, who could be a friend or a stranger who has offered space in their house to another person for a brief period of time. The person provides free lodging and may or may not charge for the food. It has become a popular choice for people travelling abroad on budget.

If you have a couchsurfer hosting your trip it would be best to chat up at least a month before the trip just for feelers. You could exchange your photographs or have telephone conversation. These measures will ensure that there won't be any unpleasant surprises once you land at the place. On the host's part, they would be happier to oblige. They would be curious about you as much as you are about them. They don't want an obnoxious stranger or some sociopath to land up at their place either.

Find Friends But Don't Hurry

Precaution is always good. Once you are abroad you would want to practice that definitely. Throughout the journey there would be a good chance to make friends. Still it would be good if you wait and find out more about strangers before you decide to become friends. It could be someone from your region or country or be it the local citizens of the new country, but take your time. Instinct will help just as well! Transaction of money would be an absolute no-no except for sharing a dinner bill once a while.

Dress Appropriately

Travelling abroad to some exotic country is a good way to gain insight into its culture. Especially during local sight-seeing, it would be best to blend in with the crowd in matters of attire rather than giving a culture shock to the locals. Although most cultures are tolerant towards foreigners, it would be best not to stand out. Combining the cultural look with your preferred regular wear is your best bet. A tunic over a regular pair of jeans could be the best choice in societies that are still conventional in such matters.

Haversack Happy

Mostly while travelling alone, a haversack is a smarter option compared to a strolley. Haversacks tend to accommodate the whole universe! And if you are worried about your steam-ironed party wear, one way to keep the fold intact is to roll it up and tuck it in a rarely used compartment, so that you don't have to remove it a thousand times. Unlike a strolley, haversack can also be carried around during local sight-seeing or shopping.

Documents And Money

It would be always advisable to carry the necessary documents along with you even while on your local shopping rounds. Do make it a point to carry some sort of photo-identity proof with you. Always carry some loose cash and put them in various pockets as well as in a money belt. Or better still opt for international credit cards or travellerÔÇÖs cheques.

Moderation in everything you do will ensure that you will definitely have a safe and happy trip. Just these basic aspects to take care of, a little bit of preparation and you will have that perfect travel story to tell, with the right mix of adventure and surprises.


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