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How to avoid fatigue from travelling

Sunday, 13 May 2012
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Travelling brings along with it adventure, excitement and yes, fatigue too. Be it long travels or short trips, seasoned travellers or first timers, fatigue can attack anyone. And if it has cast its spell, then the crankiness that follows can affect our entire trip negatively. But following few small tips could ensure a smooth and joyful trip.


Health, a priority on the move

Generally vacation means not just holiday from work but from healthy eating too. We tend to forgive ourselves from following the regular healthy diet and go on a binging spree, eating things, which otherwise we normally donÔÇÖt. If our trip is on a shoe string budget, then we tend to pick on edibles which are the cheapest, which are generally not the healthiest of choices. To enjoy the trip of course we need good money, but then health is equally important.

First and foremost healthy intake should be lot of clean water. We should choose affordable but fresh food. Some kind of exercise will add value too. It could be a walk to the favourite bazaar, jog down to the park or even cycling around town.


Add leisure to the trip

Sight-seeing is important, but the first priority of any vacation is relaxation. So we shouldnÔÇÖt rush to see every corner of the place we are visiting. Instead list down the priority spots and visit them leisurely. Explore it thoroughly, understand its culture in depth and enrich ourselves, while enjoying every moment. By this we not only will feel satisfied with our trip, but can also avoid getting fatigued with undue rush.


Take a break

Whether it is a luxury vacation or back-pack trip, travel fatigue is always waiting round the corner to attack. So we need to take a break during our vacation and take measures to prevent fatigue by making ourselves comfortable. A quick massage, a short session in sauna or a hot shower can make a big difference. It will help us refresh and continue our vacation without major breakdowns.


Keep the focus

Vacation is meant for relaxation of mind and body. But if we donÔÇÖt plan it by the day, we might get confused and miss out on the best moments. At the end of the day we should prepare an action plan for the next day as to what we would see and explore. Also make preparations for our return journey as to avoid last minute tension. We need to anticipate problems and plan solutions, instead of reacting to them in haste.


Proper planning of the trip, luggage, places to see etc., can avoid lot of unnecessary physical trauma and undue mental pressure, thus delaying and avoiding fatigue, on the move.


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