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How to choose the right foreign exchange service provider

Friday, 07 November 2014
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Foreign Currency Exchange - UAE Exchange

It’s a strange land, the people are new; you are missing the familiarity and have moved out of your comfort zone. Handling money gets tricky when travelling abroad, especially to a country never visited before. With the globalisation racing on the fast track, there are millions of people travelling every day, for work, education and other personal reasons. Choosing a good foreign currency exchange service provider, not only gives a sense of security, but also makes the traveller feel at ease in a foreign land.

These simple cues can help you choose a reliable forex service provider and currency exchange will never be difficult or complicated again!


The one that tops the list of things to look into is the authenticity of the service provider. Do a preliminary research online and see if they have a well-informed website. Look out for their history, how long they’ve been in the forex industry, information on products and services. If you are already on the streets, and looking for an authentic brand, then just scan the walls for any framed certification, license etc.  A genuine money exchange house will generally display its affidavits of authorisation to do currency exchange transactions.


Always go for a service provider with a wide network. This also speaks a lot about its authenticity. An organisation with a large network generally means it can be relied upon.

Customer Experience

Customer service is an indicator of the success and longevity of any organisation. Be inquisitive and know that it’s your right to ask questions and clarify your doubts with the customer service executive. Ensure that you transact with a service provider who doesn’t hesitate to provide you with all the information required. A good foreign exchange service provider will always be waiting to provide good customer service.

Promotional Offers

Also look for other offers, viz., discounts and promotions that are being conducted at that point of time. Some service providers also have mobile applications which help you to keep track of the currency exchange rates and enable you to take the right decision.

Travelling, whatever the purpose maybe, is always a new experience. Let there be excitement, adventure, exploration and not unwanted stress on dealing with forex

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