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How to stay safe and secure during your travel in 2017? Tips to help you through the busy travel season

Friday, 30 December 2016
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The New Year season is when millions of travellers snap shut their suitcases, zip up their rucksacks, and head for the nearest airport, looking for new experiences and adventures. Whether youÔÇÖre on the hunt for adrenalin-fuelled excitement, luxury lounging or horizon-broadening cultural experiences, it pays to be vigilant, no matter where you are. Here are our top tips (in alphabetical order) for staying safe and secure during your travels:

How to stay safe and secure during your travels in 2017

Carry the bare minimum while sightseeing: If you have access to a hotel safe, use it. When youÔÇÖre in a strange city, leave your important travel documents and credit cards in the safe, and only carry whatÔÇÖs strictly necessary.

Copy your important documents: Even if youÔÇÖre being careful, there is always the possibility that you might lose your passport or other important documents. Scan everything before you travel (including credit cards) and upload the pictures in an email to yourself. That way, you have a record of identification numbers to help you prove your identity.

DonÔÇÖt be too noticeable: Yes, you might love those diamond earrings, but they could get you noticed, in the worst possible way. Equally, leave the Rolex in the hotel safe, unless youÔÇÖre absolutely sure youÔÇÖll be in a secure area at all times. In some urban areas, flashing expensive objects is just asking to be robbed, mugged, or worse. Save the glamour for home.

Take out travel insurance: Many credit card companies offer free travel insurance when you book a holiday with your card. Equally, you can take out separate travel insurance before you go (get yours at any UAE Exchange branch). However, when you arrange your insurance, make sure you carry a copy of your policy with you. ItÔÇÖs vital in case of theft, accident or medical emergency.

Use travellersÔÇÖ cheques and prepaid cards: It may be the internet age, where credit cards are prominent, but travellersÔÇÖ cheques really do provide an extra level of safety and security. If stolen, they will be useless to the thief, and can be replaced. UAE Exchange provides travellersÔÇÖ cheques in a range of currencies, and can help you with how to use them. Alternatively, opt for a prepaid card such as the UAE Exchange Gocash Travel Card , which will keep your banking and financial information safe even if itÔÇÖs lost.

Watch your belongings: It can be difficult for those who live in countries with a low crime rate to instantly adjust their reflexes when they arrive in a country with a very high incidence of petty theft, pickpocketing, etc. So take practical steps to keep your property safe. Put a lock on your backpack. Stow your wallet and important documents in separate zipped pockets about your person. DonÔÇÖt put all your cash into one pocket. And donÔÇÖt use your back pockets.

In general, our travel advice is to stay alert, be aware of your surroundings, and not trust strangers too readily. Trust your instincts, but also lock up your valuables and watch your wallet!

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