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Looking for a health-conscious country to move into? Here are our top picks!

Thursday, 18 May 2017
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Health is wealth! This adage is true for all eternity.

Expats move out of their home countries to help build wealth for their families. What better way to build wealth than to stay healthy. So before setting out, you need to ensure your new environment helps you maintain good health. So consider factors such as population, pollution, safe drinking water facilities, electricity, healthcare systems, infrastructure, education, etc. before moving into a country.

To help you out, we have chosen a list of countries that rated highly on the above mentioned factors. These rating are based on a study published by The Lancet, one of the world's oldest and best known general medical journals and UNÔÇÖs sustainable development goals.


Number one on the list is Iceland. A country of 300,000 people, Icelanders are a tight knit unit. Iceland has long life expectancy, low rates of pollution levels and infant mortality rate. With a publicly funded health system it is considered as a role-model thriving in health and happiness. Icelanders maintain excellent nutrition, and the local produce uses minimal pesticides.


Bloomberg ranked SingaporeÔÇÖs health care system as the most efficient in the world, in 2014. Coupling it with the fact that Singapore is one of the most organised, clean and healthy countries in the world, you have yourself an amazing country to move into. Catastrophic health insurance (for people under 30 and designed to protect insurers during worst-case scenarios) is a must for all residents, although people can opt out too.

Healthiest Countries



Sweden has excellent health care facilities and the life expectancy for Swedish people is 84 years! They maintain a very healthy diet with renowned super-foods like blueberries, oats, and yogurt, being part of their daily intake. These factors have contributed to the eradication of illnesses like heart diseases and cholesterol in Sweden.


The life expectancy for Andorra is a massive 98.7 years. The high altitudes of Andorra create a great environment to live in, and help reduce respiratory and rheumatic problems. Andorra also has some of the most technologically advanced hospitals in Europe.

Abu Dhabi

The lifestyle here is excellent and luxurious and this contributes to the overall well-being of a person and their good health. Since January 2006, all Abu Dhabi residents are covered by a comprehensive health insurance program, and the costs are shared between employers and employees. Also, the countryÔÇÖs Ministry of Health is involved in a multi-million dollar expansion of the cityÔÇÖs healthcare facilities.

These countries are not only the healthiest places to travel, but are convenient to reach as well ÔÇô make sure you get your travel card loaded up and donÔÇÖt forget to get your travel insurance as well.

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