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Neo-Nomad's Travel Guide

Saturday, 12 November 2011
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 November 13, 2011


The process of globalisation has given rise to a neo-nomad, who lives as much of his life on the flight as on the ground. In any case, today, International tours for business or leisure have become common. What seems to be the toughest part is that the days of romantic caravans have been replaced by the jet-age, which demands some jet-speed planning. As thrilling as it sounds, "living in suitcases" can actually be a daunting experience.  Here are some tips to make the journey cherishable.



The journey actually begins as soon as you start planning for it. Since everyday living requires so much planning, it is apparent that travelling to a new country would definitely need some proper preparation. First find out details about your journey. Be it business or leisure, it is always advisable to know about the place as much as you can. This would help in making the trip hassle-free.

Contact Details

At work, inform your colleagues about your tour beforehand. Your mail must include information on the duration of your trip and the person to be contacted in your absence. It could include other contact details about how to contact you during the vacation in case of an emergency.

Back home, there must be some close friend or relative, who has the details to contact you during your tour. Once at the destination, the hotel must also be provided with the contact details of the person to be contacted in your home country, in case of an emergency.

Preparing the papers

All the important documents such as the passport, visa and the ticket, must be ready, well before time, for the trip. It would be beneficial to arrange your international credit cards, travellerÔÇÖs cheque and currency exchange, well in advance. You will need to activate your international caller card for your mobile, especially if you are on a business trip.

Do the research

Utilise the medium of internet to get maximum information. You can have one-on-one discussions on exclusive travel forums, where people share their travel experience. Surf and read blogs specific to the destination of your travel. It is advantageous to be a well-informed traveller.

Accommodation is an essential part of the journey. So ensure that it is comfortable and safe.
The hygiene level of the place and quality of the cuisine can also be checked and verified with the hotel authorities. It would be better if you do not leave things to chance, even though an adventure trip is what you are planning.

Fly like a bird

Many tourists typically behave like snails, carrying all of their homes on their backs.
Packing within the baggage limits is always better to avoid delays at the airport. It is important to remember and understand that the limitation on the baggage on flights is for the safety of the passenger.



When on the tour what else do you want to do but enjoy it. But there will be some factors that you cannot ignore.

Important Documents !

Place documents like your passports, certificates and other such necessary papers under "high importance" category. Keep them neatly filed, laminated and under check wherever you go.
It will be arduous if you lose them or spoil them in any manner.

Health and medical needs

It is most likely that the vaccination needs will be taken care of before you start your international journey. But it is also essential that you take care of the medical requirements for your personal need. First Aid kit is essential and so are the other prescribed medicines.


DonÔÇÖt forget that security is an important factor throughout the journey. It is better to leave the important documents at the hotel and carry only photocopy of the documents, when you go sightseeing.

Tourists are generally the soft targets for swindlers and thugs. From simple pick-pocketing to uglier crimes, one has to be cautious about everything. Instead of carrying money everywhere, try to carry travellerÔÇÖs cheque or international ATM card. Keep important numbers, such as your hotel reception number, local emergency numbers of hospital and police, with you. It is advisable to be cautious of all new acquaintances that your make during your trip.


The travel itinerary that you present to your hotel should include details of your diet. If you or any other family members are allergic to any particular kind of food, it is important to mention so. If you are anticipating a road trip or a frequent change of hotels, investing in portable irons, kettles and other such smart gadgets would be a good idea, but don't forget the adaptors. This is entirely optional and advisable only if this fits in the baggage limitation. And yes, donÔÇÖt forget to include a digital camera for you to bring some sweet memories back home.



The return journey is a challenge because more often than not we are unenthusiastic to wrap up the trip and go back to our routine. Packing the bags for the return trip is an entirely new challenge. There will most likely be some souvenirs, which will take up some more space in the luggage. It would be best to carry additional foldable bags to accommodate these new additions. The return journey would involve the same kind of caution about the important documents you are carrying. They must be easily accessible throughout the journey.

A good amount of planning before the trip and lot of caution during the trip can make the entire exercise enjoyable and memorable.


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