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Places you can travel to, which will remind you of the UAE!

Thursday, 18 May 2017
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The Emirates is amazing and unique in so many ways. The history, culture, cuisine and ultra-modern lifestyle makes life worth an adventure here. So, if you are into exploring places and cultures similar to the UAE, get ready to visit these places.

Architectural magnificence
With impressive skyscrapers and architecture that can be described only using superlative adjectives, the UAE is an architectural marvel. If you are a connoisseur of such futuristic structural designs, then you will love visiting the following cities:

              • New York, Chicago, USA
              • Shanghai, Hong Kong, China
              • Taipei, Taiwan
              • Kuwait City, Kuwait
              • Istanbul, Turkey
              • Seoul, South Korea
              • Tokyo, Japan
              • Berlin, Germany

Culture and heritage
The Emiratis take immense pride in their culture and are known to be one of the most hospitable people in the world. Their culture and customs are greatly influenced by Islamic, Persian and Arabian tenets. Even though a large part of the UAE’s population is made up of expats, the Emirati culture is still held strong everywhere. If you love hospitable Arabic culture and food, then you can visit the following countries:

             • Egypt
             • Oman
             • Bahrain
             • Jordan
             • Algeria
             • Morocco
             • Libya
             • Turkey
             • Qatar
             • Kuwait
             • Tunisia

Travel places to remind UAE

Tax-free Income
This is one of the biggest reasons why the UAE is the hotspot for expats! The UAE as well as its surrounding GCC countries do not charge any personal income taxes. This means, no burden of income tax payments. If tax-free income is what excites you, then these are the countries for you.

            • Qatar
            • Oman
            • Bermuda
            • Kuwait
            • Cayman Islands
            • Bahrain
            • Bahamas
            • St. Kitts & Nevis
            • Antigua & Barbuda

If you enjoy shopping and have already visited all the malls in the UAE, then you should head to these places for some fabulous experience.

           • Seoul, South Korea
           • Milan, Roma, Italy
           • Paris, France
           • Tokyo, Japan
           • Los Angeles, New York, USA
           • Vienna, Austria
           • Amsterdam, Netherlands
           • Singapore, Singapore
           • Hong Kong, China
           • London, England
           • Berlin, Germany
           • Oslo, Norway
           • Stockholm, Sweden

Before leaving the UAE to visit these places, make sure you purchase your travel card and lock in the exchange rates. You can always depend on reputable money transfer services to sort out any Forex issues and ensure your trip is a successful one.

Happy Travelling!

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