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That awkward ÔÇÿmoneyÔÇÖ situation at work - how to handle it?

Friday, 10 February 2017
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Work life is demanding and stressful nowadays. Often times we have to stretch ourselves to accommodate situations that are par for the course in modern-day work life. Sometimes, try as you might, there will be some situations at work that could cause an embarrassing pause, or that ÔÇÿawkwardÔÇÖ moment, especially around money. Thankfully there are smart and easy ways to get out of them.

Borrowed/loaned money to co-workers

ItÔÇÖs entirely possible that co-workers are very good friends hence loaning or borrowing money may not be unusual. What could be embarrassing is when they donÔÇÖt return it on time. But to save embarrassment, you can have them use discreet money transfer services to get the money transferred to your bank account in a trice. No more awkwardness at lunch.

Entertaining foreign clients at the workplace

Many of us work in large global organisations where we deal with people and clients of different nationalities. Entertaining clients at expensive restaurants or taking them bowling are de rigueur. However, if you havenÔÇÖt had time to carry cash with you, or forgotten your credit cards, you can quickly get some money transferred to your bank account in a flash. And pay the bill when it comes smilingly, without having that OMG expression on your face.



Gifting co-workers or clients

Sending appropriate gifts on important occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries of a newbie parent are practiced by HR in almost every organisation. But imagine the horror of having forgotten to buy a gift and rushing out to buy one, only to find yourself short of money. Just go to an ATM to withdraw money using a prepaid card or get money quickly transferred to your account. Back in office, you will truly be known as the one with quick-fix solutions.

Pay your clients in case of a temporary loan by simply transferring money using bank transfer facilities. Split the bill with colleagues and have them transfer the money to you using #FLASHremit, which gets the money to your bank account, in a flash. Travelling abroad on business? Just get a travel card and keep track of your spends. Or use it to quickly withdraw money from an ATM. Never have those awkward moments at work again and address the money issue, head on. All you have to do is be smart and use the comprehensive services of a reputed, trustworthy money exchange service provider. Bid adieu to awkward money situations, become the smart and savvy global worker.

Go easy, donÔÇÖt worry, encash it.

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