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Top 4 destinations to explore after you say ÔÇ£I doÔÇØ!

Tuesday, 31 January 2017
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IÔÇÖm nervous. Yes, itÔÇÖs my first time as a bride and you know how it is ÔÇô you want everything to be perfect, especially your honeymoon! Over mind boggling discussions and scribbles about locales, climate, budgets and what not, we finally narrowed down four romantic destinations.

So, here they are:

Costa Rica - A Spanish colony for three centuries, Columbus, the great explorer was the first European to set foot here. It is full of history and culture and some amazing beaches. From the Mayan ruins to the Caribbean waters, to hanging bridges and forests, this South American destination looks and seems idyllic. Moreover, since weÔÇÖre getting married in January, itÔÇÖs quite alright even at this time of the year with a pleasant climate. Can you imagine how the pictures will look? Awesome! I can see my friends going green with envy!

Greece ÔÇô When I think of Greece, blue skies, azure waters, white houses and of course history pops up into my mind. January to March may have some rain, but itÔÇÖs still warm and sunny. Maybe for those who want a tan it might not be sunny enough, but Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and even slightly off-the-beaten path places like Kea are much sought after. In fact it might not be too crowded as in the summer, so we could get great discount deals. And I could use my travel card to book great flight tickets. I can totally imagine us feasting on unbelievable Greek food and talking with our mouths full.


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Bali, Indonesia ÔÇô Bali, the name itself is so exotic. I can imagine the both of us soaking up in some much-needed spa treatments at the resorts there, especially after the hectic wedding. Unspoiled beaches, lots of beach activity like snorkeling and scuba-diving and other water sports aside, we can go cycling and visit the rice terraces, ancient Hindu temples and more. ItÔÇÖll be warm in January, though itÔÇÖs supposed to be ÔÇÿwinterÔÇÖ, and while there might be some thunderstorms, I can totally imagine us cuddled up and watching the rains at night from our room or beach house. BaliÔǪthe more I think of it, the more I feel inclined to make it my first choice.

Slovenia  Well, I love the idea of going to Europe. But instead of going during the crowded months, January  March is usually winter and so Slovenia seems great. I mean the pictures look like something out of my fairytale books. I want to go to Lake Bled and do some river rafting in Soca River or just lose ourselves in many of the hiking trails. MmmSlovenia does sound amazing and its not a very expensive destination either.

Glad I got this list done. It helps in planning our travel expenses and booking our flights in advance and loading up currencies on our gocash card. Am so excited. Now itÔÇÖs time to sit down and have an hour long debate with my fianc├®. Phew! Marriages are made here but for a heavenly honeymoon, it sure does take a lot of planning.

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