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Why ÔÇÿcustomer experienceÔÇÖ is a competitive advantage?

Friday, 10 February 2017
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Do you know what all successful companies have in common? A true belief that ÔÇ£customer is kingÔÇØ and needs to delighted all the time!

The common thread among successful companies likes Disney, Ford, Toyota, Apple, Starbucks is their ability to put their customers at the forefront of everything they do. Superior customer experience has been the most important metric for winning businesses. What sets a brand apart is not just its product or service but the attention to enhancing customer experience.

Wondering why or how? Here you go.

Multiple Choices

Gone are the days when there were just a couple of sellers, be it for car or coffee! Now the marketplace is filled with a plethora of choices. So, if you donÔÇÖt delight or atleast satisfy customers, they are going to switch from your brand to another. So watch out, you could be their pass├®, if they are not happy.

Free advertising

Going viral is every companyÔÇÖs dream, today. It is possible only if you have happy customers. Happy customers want to share their joyful experiences with others, talk excitedly about the product, or the really great customer service they had. So your job is to give them the best experience ever!

Customer experience

Sworn Enemies

If you have not given your customer, a good experience with your product, then beware, youÔÇÖve earned yourself a sworn enemy. He/ she is sure to rat you out and dissect every inch of their perceived misery on social media. The volcanic buildup of social media outpouring will get out of hand, resulting in your gaining notoriety, seriously damaging your sales and morale. ThatÔÇÖs something youÔÇÖll never want!

Fate Deciders

Its true, customers are the ones who decide the fate of your company. If you offer them great experience, they will make sure, their friends, families and all acquaintances come to you. But if they are not happy, theyÔÇÖll shut you down. Hence, itÔÇÖs key to remember that customer is king and treat them like one!

As an organisation, the relationship you share with your customers mirrors the relationship you share with other fellow human beings. Reputable and trustworthy money transfer service providers such as UAE Exchange believe in the dictum, ÔÇ£customer first and lastÔÇØ. It is this attitude that was responsible for its winning the Service Olympian Award for Best Customer Experience Measurement. This is the third win for UAE Exchange at the Service Olympian Awards. Earlier in 2013, the brand won the PeopleÔÇÖs Choice Award and in 2015, it won in the category of Best Leadership Commitment. These awards are clear vindication of its belief that ÔÇÿcustomer experienceÔÇÖ does set you apart and give you an immense competitive advantage.

Gear up now, to offer your customers the greatest experience ever!

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