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The month of July at Moneydart

Monday, 12 September 2016

Moneydart attended the National Association Federation of Credit UnionÔÇÖs Annual Conference and Expo on 15 and 16 June 2016 at the Music City Conference Center. This was MoneydartÔÇÖs second year attending NAFCUÔÇÖs Annual Conference which is attended by more than 1,200 credit union professionals from across the United States.

NAFCU conference and expo

Updates from UAE Exchange Malaysia

Monday, 12 September 2016

UAE Exchange Malaysia and Western Union have extended their strategic relationship to make money transfer a seamless experience for the expatriates residing in Malaysia. Customers can now send money through Western Union® Money Transfer service from any of the fifteen branches of UAE Exchange located in Malaysia.

WU tie up

We along with the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara) organised a Pocket Talk seminar for SMEs in Johor Bahru, the southern state of Malaysia on 28 April 2016. The seminar was a follow up agenda of Greenback 2.0 project on remittance awareness that was initiated by the World Bank and Bank Negara in 2015.

During the Pocket Talk seminar

UAE Exchange Malaysia launched its EDC (Electronic Data Capture) merchant terminal in association with OCBC Bank Malaysia. With the slogan ÔÇ£Innovation coupled with DigitalizationÔÇØ it will be implemented in to all the branches.

At the EDC terminal launch

We also organised the Agent Appreciation ceremony for the second time in Malaysia. The objective of this occasion was to acknowledge and appreciate all our agents, who did a tremendous job of representing UAE Exchange and serving the customers.

Appreciating our agents

UAE Exchange Jordan participated in the 10th international exhibition for building, construction and engineering industries, which was held at the International Motor Show.

International Motor Show

We honoured Mr. Jamal Abdul Khaliq the General Manager of ALEXBANK during his visit to our headquarters in Jordan.

Falicitating the GM of Alex Bank

UAE Exchange India, announced the Customer Loyalty Month (CLM) mega winners of the ÔÇÿTransact & FlyÔÇÖ contest on 11 July 2016. The winner got an all-inclusive trip to Bangkok. We also rewarded the winners of ÔÇÿLogin to win today at the branchÔÇÖ with smartphones.
 Winner at the CLM contest

We also shared our perspective on ÔÇ£Digital Economy in India ÔÇô Prospects & ChallengesÔÇØ to more than 200 students gathered at XIME Kochi on 13 July 2016.

At XIME Kochi

As part of our CSR activity, UAE Exchange India planted more than 100 trees for the green initiative ÔÇ£Haritha HaramÔÇØ organised by the Telangana Government on 11 July 2016. We also tied up with the Kerala IT Mission, to provide quality ICT (Information and Communications Technology) access to the common man through Akshaya e-centres. Supporting the initiative to ÔÇÿTaking Microfinance to Un-Served/ Under-Served areasÔÇÖ, we participated in the Assocham National Summit on Microfinance at Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad on 19 July 2016.

Our tie up with Kerala IT missionPlanting saplings during the Haritha Haram programAssocham National Summit
UAE Exchange India conducted customer meets to review customer feedbacks for improving its services. Nirmal branch of UAE Exchange India celebrated the 10th Anniversary of branch along with the customer meet in its branch premises. We also distributed school bags and books to underprivileged students in the nearby Government schools. Tree saplings were also distributed to all customers as a support to eco-friendly initiatives. Kattumannarkoil Branch organised a customer meet along with its 1st anniversary celebrations on 21 July 2016. Customers were given gifts as a token of our appreciation. Guntur branch celebrated its 5th anniversary on 27 July 2016. As a part of corporate social responsibility, we planted tree saplings in the school premises nearby and distributed books to the under privileged students of the school.

1st Anniversary Celebration of Kattumannarkoil Branch5th anniversary celebrations of Guntur branchProviding stationaries to school students

It was raining prizes, when UAE Exchange Bahrain announced the winners of the Khairat Ramadan contest. We also participated at the Media Meet & Greet event held on 25 July 2016 at the Downtown Rotana Hotel, Manama.

As part of our CSR activity, we organised the ÔÇÿBeat the HeatÔÇÖ campaign on 23 July 2016 at the Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam. The aim of the seminar was to reduce occupational accidents and diseases during the summer season and to raise occupational awareness of both employers and workers on the importance of its prevention.

At the Media Meet and GreetDuring Beat the Heat campaignWinner at Khairat Ramadan Contest

Marking the end of Hajj, Eid-Al-Adha is celebrated all around the world with joy and fervour. Muslims offer prayers, share the sacrificial meat with their friends, family and needy, and also feast with their dear ones to commemorate this festival of Sacrifice. The faithful also donate money to charity while most mosques arrange for communal meals.

What are your plans for Eid-Al-Adha?

Eid Al Adha

Guaranteed gift with every purchase of more than AED 500

Dubai, 8 September 2016: Leading global remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand, UAE Exchange has been adding a plethora of value added services to its offerings since its inception. Recently, the brand tied up with, one of the leading online shopping websites in the Middle East, to offer its customers residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with up to 60 per cent discount on various products. A significant advantage for the customers is that there is a guaranteed gift with every purchase of more than AED 500.

Customers of UAE Exchange having gold, gocash or club exclusive cards are automatically eligible for the discounts and need to mention their customer registration number while availing the service. One can log on to and purchase from a repertoire of products including home appliances, gifts, electronic goods, fashion accessories, books, toys and games among others. The cash or card payment facility on delivery is another convenient factor the customer will experience through this service.

Commenting on the tie-up, Abdel Kareem, General Manager, UAE Exchange said: ÔÇ£All our initiatives are targeted to be a step closer to our customers and with digital being the future, our partnership with is a step towards that direction. Today, customers are transacting and purchasing more on the online space than at the retail store. We are glad that our association will enable our privileged customers to enjoy special discounts on all their online purchases.ÔÇØ


ÔÇ£Value added services by a brand not only makes them stand out but also helps in retaining their customer base. We are delighted to associate with UAE Exchange who is as committed as us in enhancing the customer experience and facilitate their customers with a wide variety of products at discounted prices,ÔÇØ said Founder & CEO, Shashank Panchmukh.

About UAE Exchange
UAE Exchange commenced its operations in 1980. Today, it has grown into a leading global remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the brand has spread its footprint across the world. With close to 800 branches spread across 31 countries in 5 continents, it has emerged as the widest globally networked remittance brand. Strong correspondent banking relationship with over 140 global banks and smart technology add to its might. Over 9000 professionals, representing more than 40 nationalities, strive to achieve excellence and bring delight to more than 13.2 million customers worldwide. UAE Exchange is an ISO certified brand and member of prestigious global associations, recognised and awarded for its quality and business excellence.
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About is a leading online shopping website in Middle East with more than 9 categories. Headquartered in Bur Dubai, Menakart provides discounts on various products to the customers with door delivery facility.


Ïú┘ê┘ä Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® ┘êϺ┘äÏ¡┘êϺ┘äϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ® Ϭ┘åÏÂ┘à ÏÑ┘ä┘ë ┘éϺϪ┘àÏ® Ï▒Ï╣ϺϮ Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ ┘äÏ▒Ï╣Ϻ┘èÏ® ┘âϺ┘üÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘à┘åϺ┘üÏ│ϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘âÏ▒┘ê┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘êÏÀ┘å┘èÏ® ϡϬ┘ë Ï╣Ϻ┘à 2020 

ÏúÏ¿┘êÏ©Ï¿┘èÏî 6 Ï│ϿϬ┘àÏ¿Ï▒ 2016: ÏúÏ╣┘ä┘åϬ Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® - Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ«Ï»┘àϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ▒ϺϪϻϮ Ï╣Ϻ┘ä┘à┘èϺ┘ï ┘ü┘è ┘àϼϺ┘ä Ϻ┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® ┘êϺ┘äÏ¡┘êϺ┘äϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ® ┘êÏ¡┘ä┘ê┘ä Ϻ┘äÏ»┘üÏ╣- Ï╣┘å ÏÑÏ¿Ï▒Ϻ┘à┘çϺ ϺϬ┘üϺ┘é┘èÏ® ┘àÏ╣ Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à (AFC) ϬÏ║Ï»┘ê Ï¿┘à┘êϼϿ┘çϺ Ϻ┘äÏ▒ϺÏ╣┘è Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï│┘à┘è ┘ä┘âϺ┘üÏ® Ï¿ÏÀ┘ê┘äϺϬ ┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à Ϻ┘ä┘êÏÀ┘å┘èÏ® Ï«┘äϺ┘ä Ϻ┘ä┘üϬÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘à┘àϬϻϮ ┘à┘å 2016 ÏÑ┘ä┘ë 2020Ïî ┘äϬ┘â┘ê┘å Ï¿Ï░┘ä┘â Ïú┘ê┘ä Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® ┘êϺ┘äÏ¡┘êϺ┘äϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ® Ϭ┘åÏÂ┘à ÏÑ┘ä┘ë ┘éϺϪ┘àÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï╣ϺϮ Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï│┘à┘è┘è┘å ┘ä┘äϺϬϡϺϻ.

┘ê┘ü┘è Ï│┘èϺ┘é ϬÏ╣┘ä┘è┘é┘ç Ï╣┘ä┘ë ┘çÏ░┘ç Ϻ┘äÏ«ÏÀ┘êÏ®Ïî ┘éϺ┘ä Ï║┘êϿϺ┘â┘ê┘àϺÏ▒ ϿϺÏ▒Ï║Ϻ┘üϺ┘åÏî Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ϫ┘èÏ│ Ϻ┘äϬ┘å┘ü┘èÏ░┘è┘æ ┘ä┘äϬÏ│┘ê┘è┘é ┘äÏ┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®: "┘åÏñ┘à┘å Ï¿┘éÏ»Ï▒Ï® Ϻ┘äÏ▒┘èϺÏÂÏ® Ï╣┘ä┘ë ϬÏ╣Ï▓┘èÏ▓ Ïú┘êϺÏÁÏ▒ Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ¡Ï¿┘æÏ® ┘êϺ┘äϬ┘üϺ┘ç┘à Ï¿┘è┘å Ϻ┘ä┘åϺÏ│Ïî ┘ê┘èÏ▒ϬϿÏÀ ┘éÏ▒ϺÏ▒┘åϺ ┘ä┘äϬÏ╣Ϻ┘ê┘å ┘àÏ╣ Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à ϺÏ▒ϬϿϺÏÀϺ┘ï ┘êϽ┘è┘éϺ┘ï ϿϺ┘äÏÑ┘éϿϺ┘ä ┘êϺ┘äϺ┘çϬ┘àϺ┘à Ϻ┘ä┘äÏ░┘è┘å Ϭϡϩ┘ë Ï¿┘ç┘àϺ ┘çÏ░┘ç Ϻ┘äÏ▒┘èϺÏÂÏ® Ï¡┘ê┘ä Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ϻ┘ä┘à. ┘êϽ┘à┘æÏ® Ï╣┘åÏÁÏ▒ ┘àÏ┤ϺϿ┘ç ┘è┘â┘à┘å ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘äÏ▒ϺϿÏÀ Ϻ┘äÏ╣ϺÏÀ┘ü┘è Ï¿┘è┘å┘åϺ ┘êÏ¿┘è┘å Ï╣┘à┘äϺϪ┘åϺ Ϻ┘äÏú┘ê┘ü┘èϺÏíÏî ┘êϺ┘äÏ░┘è Ï│┘àÏ¡ ┘ä┘åϺ ϿϺ┘ä┘å┘à┘ê ┘êϺ┘äϬ┘à┘èÏ▓ Ï╣┘ä┘ë ┘àÏ»┘ë 36 Ï╣Ϻ┘àϺ┘ï ┘ü┘è ┘éÏÀϺÏ╣ Ϻ┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® ┘êϺ┘äÏ¡┘êϺ┘äϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ®. ┘åÏ¡┘å ┘àÏ│Ï▒┘êÏ▒┘ê┘å ┘ä┘äÏ║Ϻ┘èÏ® Ï¿Ïú┘å ┘å┘â┘ê┘å Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® ┘êϺ┘äÏ¡┘êϺ┘äϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘êÏ¡┘èϻϮ Ϻ┘äϬ┘è Ϭ┘àϽ┘æ┘ä ┘çÏ░Ϻ Ϻ┘ä┘éÏÀϺÏ╣ Ï¿┘è┘å Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï╣ϺϮ Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï│┘à┘è┘è┘å ┘ä┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à ϡϬ┘ë Ï╣Ϻ┘à 2020Ïî ┘äϺÏ│┘è┘àϺ ┘êÏú┘å ┘çÏ░┘ç Ϻ┘äÏ«ÏÀ┘êÏ® Ϭ┘åÏ»Ï▒ϼ ┘ü┘è ÏÑÏÀϺÏ▒ ϺÏ│ϬÏ▒ϺϬ┘èϼ┘èϬ┘åϺ Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ϻ┘à┘èÏ® ÏÑ┘ä┘ë ϬÏ▓┘ê┘èÏ» Ï╣┘à┘äϺϪ┘åϺ Ï¿┘à┘åÏÁÏ® ϬÏ╣Ï▓┘æÏ▓ ÏÑ┘à┘âϺ┘å┘èϺϬ Ϻ┘äϬ┘êϺÏÁ┘ä ┘àÏ╣ ┘éϺÏ╣ϻϮ ┘êϺÏ│Ï╣Ï® ┘à┘å Ï╣Ï┤┘æϺ┘é ┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘à┘åÏÀ┘éÏ® ┘êϺ┘äÏ╣Ϻ┘ä┘à".

┘êϬ┘åÏÁ Ϻ┘äϺϬ┘üϺ┘é┘èÏ®- Ϻ┘äϬ┘è ┘èÏ│Ï▒┘è ┘à┘üÏ╣┘ê┘ä┘çϺ ┘àϻϮ Ï«┘àÏ│ Ï│┘å┘êϺϬ- Ï╣┘ä┘ë ┘à┘åÏ¡ Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® ÏÁ┘üÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ▒ϺÏ╣┘è Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï│┘à┘è ┘ä┘Ç200 ┘à┘å Ϻ┘ä┘àϿϺÏ▒┘èϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ¡┘ä┘èÏ®Ïî ϬÏ┤┘à┘ä ┘àϿϺÏ▒┘èϺϬ ┘à┘å Ϻ┘äϬÏÁ┘ü┘èϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘èÏ® ┘äÏ¿ÏÀ┘ê┘äÏ® ┘ü┘è┘üϺ ┘ä┘âÏúÏ│ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ϻ┘ä┘à Ï¿┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘àÏî ┘êÏ¿ÏÀ┘ê┘äÏ® ┘âÏúÏ│ Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à ┘ä┘äÏ┤ϿϺϿ (ϬϡϬ Ï│┘å Ϻ┘ä┘Ç19) 2018Ïî ┘êÏ¿ÏÀ┘ê┘äÏ® ┘âÏúÏ│ Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à ┘ä┘ä┘åϺÏ┤Ϫ┘è┘å (ϬϡϬ Ï│┘å ┘ä┘Ç16) 2018Ïî ┘ê┘à┘äÏ¡┘é ϬÏÁ┘ü┘èϺϬ ┘âÏúÏ│ ÏóÏ│┘èϺ ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ 2019Ïî ┘êÏ¿ÏÀ┘ê┘äÏ® Ϻ┘äÏú┘åÏ»┘èÏ® Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘èÏ® ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘äÏÁϺ┘äϺϬ 2020.

Asian FootballUAE Exchange

┘ê┘à┘å ϼϺ┘åÏ¿┘çÏî ┘éϺ┘ä ϻϺϬ┘ê ┘ê┘è┘åÏ»Ï│┘êÏ▒ ϼ┘ê┘åÏî Ϻ┘äÏú┘à┘è┘å Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ϻ┘à ┘ä┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à: "┘èÏ║┘àÏ▒┘åϺ Ϻ┘äÏ│Ï▒┘êÏ▒ ┘ä┘äϬÏ▒Ï¡┘èÏ¿ Ï¿┘ÇÔÇÖÏ┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®ÔÇÿ Ï¿┘è┘å Ï▒Ï╣ϺϬ┘åϺ Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï│┘à┘è┘è┘åÏî ┘äϺÏ│┘è┘àϺ ┘ü┘è Ï©┘ä ┘àϺ ϬÏ┤┘çÏ»┘ç Ϻ┘ä┘à┘åϺ┘üÏ│ϺϬ Ϻ┘äϬ┘è ┘å┘åÏ©┘à┘çϺ ┘à┘å ┘å┘à┘ê ┘êϺ┘åϬÏ┤ϺÏ▒ ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘à┘åÏÀ┘éÏ® ┘ê┘àϺ Ϭϡϩ┘ë Ï¿┘ç ┘à┘å ÏÑ┘éϿϺ┘ä ϼ┘àϺ┘ç┘èÏ▒┘è ┘àϬÏ▓Ϻ┘èÏ»Ïø Ï¡┘èϽ ┘êÏÁ┘äϬ ÏúÏ╣ϻϺϻ Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ┤Ϻ┘çÏ»┘è┘å ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘à┘äϺÏ╣Ï¿ ┘êÏ╣┘ä┘ë Ϻ┘äÏ┤ϺÏ┤ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏÁÏ║┘èÏ▒Ï® ÏÑ┘ä┘ë ┘àÏ│Ϭ┘ê┘èϺϬ Ï║┘èÏ▒ ┘àÏ│Ï¿┘ê┘éÏ®Ïî ┘à┘àϺ ┘èϬ┘èÏ¡ Ïú┘àϺ┘à Ϻ┘äÏ╣┘äϺ┘àϺϬ Ϻ┘äϬϼϺÏ▒┘èÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ϻ┘ä┘à┘èÏ® ┘àϽ┘ä ÔÇÖÏ┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®ÔÇÿ ┘üÏ▒ÏÁϺ┘ï ┘çϺϪ┘äÏ® ┘ä┘äϬÏ╣Ϻ┘ê┘å ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘äϬÏ▒┘ê┘èϼ ┘ä┘äÏ╣Ï¿Ï®".

┘ê┘à┘å ϼ┘çÏ® ÏúÏ«Ï▒┘ëÏî ÏúÏÂϺ┘ü ϿϺÏ▒Ï║Ϻ┘üϺ┘å: "ϬϬ┘èÏ¡ ┘çÏ░┘ç Ϻ┘äϺϬ┘üϺ┘é┘èÏ® ┘üÏ▒ÏÁϺ┘ï ┘äϺ ┘àϬ┘åϺ┘ç┘èÏ® ┘ä┘äϬ┘üϺÏ╣┘ä Ï¿ÏúÏ│Ϻ┘ä┘èÏ¿ ϼϻ┘èϻϮ ┘àÏ╣ Ϻ┘äϼ┘à┘ç┘êÏ▒ ┘ê┘ü┘é ┘àϫϬ┘ä┘ü ϺÏ│ϬÏ▒ϺϬ┘èϼ┘èϺϬ Ϻ┘äϬÏ│┘ê┘è┘é. ┘ê┘éÏ» ÏúÏ╣ϻϻ┘åϺ Ï¡┘à┘äÏ® ϬÏ│┘ê┘è┘é┘èÏ® ┘êÏ¿Ï▒┘åϺ┘àϼ Ϭ┘êϺÏÁ┘ä ┘àϬ┘âϺ┘à┘ä┘è┘å ┘äϬÏ╣Ï▓┘èÏ▓ Ϻ┘åÏ«Ï▒ϺÏÀ ϼ┘àϺ┘ç┘èÏ▒┘åϺ ┘àÏ╣ Ϻ┘ä┘äÏ╣Ï¿Ï®Ïî ┘êÏ│┘åÏÀÏ¿┘æ┘é┘ç┘àϺ Ï╣Ï¿Ï▒ ┘àϫϬ┘ä┘ü ┘é┘å┘êϺϬ┘åϺÏø ÏÑÏ░ Ï│Ϭ┘åÏÀ┘ä┘é Ϻ┘äÏ¡┘à┘äÏ® ÔÇô ϿϺÏ│ϬϫϻϺ┘à Ϻ┘ä┘çϺÏ┤ϬϺÏ║ #YallaLetsPlayϿϺ┘ä┘äÏ║Ï® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘åϼ┘ä┘èÏ▓┘èÏ® ┘ê#┘è┘äϺ┘å┘äÏ╣Ï¿┘çϺ ϿϺ┘ä┘äÏ║Ï® Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® ÔÇô Ï¿Ïú┘åÏ┤ÏÀÏ® Ï¡┘àϺÏ│┘èÏ® ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘à┘äϺÏ╣Ï¿ ┘êÏú┘åÏ┤ÏÀÏ® Ï▒┘é┘à┘èÏ® ┘à┘å Ï┤Ïú┘å┘çϺ Ï»Ï╣┘êÏ® Ϻ┘äϼ┘à┘ç┘êÏ▒ ÏÑ┘ä┘ë Ï╣┘èÏ┤ ϬϼÏ▒Ï¿Ï® ┘âÏ▒┘ê┘èÏ® ┘äϺ ┘àϽ┘è┘ä ┘ä┘çϺ".

ϿϺ┘äÏÑÏÂϺ┘üÏ® ÏÑ┘ä┘ë ┘àϺ Ï│Ï¿┘éÏî ┘üÏÑ┘å Ϻ┘äϺϬ┘üϺ┘é┘èÏ® Ϭ┘à┘åÏ¡ Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ¡┘é ┘êϺ┘äÏÁ┘äϺϡ┘èÏ® ┘äϺÏ│ϬϫϻϺ┘à ÏÁ┘êÏ▒ Ϻ┘ä┘àϿϺÏ▒┘èϺϬ ┘êϺ┘ä┘äϺÏ╣Ï¿┘è┘åÏî ÏÑ┘ä┘ë ϼϺ┘åÏ¿ ϺÏ│ϬÏ╣┘àϺ┘ä ┘à┘éϺÏÀÏ╣ ┘ü┘èÏ»┘è┘ê ┘à┘å Ϻ┘ä┘àϿϺÏ▒┘èϺϬ ┘ü┘è ┘à┘êϺϻ┘çϺ Ϻ┘äϬÏ│┘ê┘è┘é┘èÏ®. ┘â┘àϺ ϬÏ╣Ï▓┘æÏ▓ Ϻ┘äÏ¡ÏÂ┘êÏ▒ Ϻ┘äÏ¿ÏÁÏ▒┘è ┘ä┘äÏ┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ï╣Ï¿Ï▒ Ï╣Ï▒Ï Ï┤Ï╣ϺÏ▒┘çϺ ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘àϿϺÏ▒┘èϺϬ ┘êϺ┘ä┘üÏ╣Ϻ┘ä┘èϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï│┘à┘èÏ® Ï░ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏÁ┘äÏ®Ïî Ï¿┘àϺ ┘èÏ┤┘à┘ä Ϻ┘ä┘àÏñϬ┘àÏ▒ϺϬ ┘ê┘àÏ▒ϺÏ│┘à Ϻ┘äϬϬ┘ê┘èϼ.

┘åÏ¿Ï░Ï® Ï╣┘å Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à

┘èÏ╣ϬϿÏ▒ Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à (AFC) Ϻ┘ä┘ç┘èϪϮ Ϻ┘äϬ┘åÏ©┘è┘à┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ│Ïñ┘ê┘äÏ® Ï▒Ï│┘à┘èϺ┘ï Ï╣┘å ┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘éϺÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘èÏ®Ïî ┘ê┘ç┘ê ┘êϺϡϻ ┘à┘å Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘âÏ▒┘ê┘èÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ│Ϭ┘æÏ® Ϻ┘äϬ┘è ϬÏ┤┘â┘æ┘ä Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏ»┘ê┘ä┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à (┘ü┘è┘üϺ)Ïø Ï¡┘èϽ ┘âϺ┘å ┘éÏ» ϬÏúÏ│Ï│ ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘äÏ╣ϺÏÁ┘àÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘ü┘äÏ¿┘è┘å┘èÏ® ┘àϺ┘å┘è┘äϺ Ï╣Ϻ┘à 1954 Ï╣┘ä┘ë ┘çϺ┘àÏ┤ Ï»┘êÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘äÏú┘äÏ╣ϺϿ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘èÏ® Ϻ┘äϽϺ┘å┘èÏ®Ïî ┘ä┘è┘åϺ┘ä ϺÏ╣ϬÏ▒Ϻ┘ü Ϻ┘ä┘ü┘è┘üϺ ┘ü┘è ┘àÏ»┘è┘åÏ® Ï¿┘èÏ▒┘å Ϻ┘äÏ│┘ê┘èÏ│Ï▒┘èÏ® ϿϬϺÏ▒┘èÏ« 21 ┘è┘ê┘å┘è┘ê ┘à┘å Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ϻ┘à Ï░ϺϬ┘ç.

┘ê┘èÏÂ┘à Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ ÔÇôϺ┘ä┘êϺ┘éÏ╣ ┘à┘éÏ▒┘æ┘ç ϡϺ┘ä┘èϺ┘ï ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘äÏ╣ϺÏÁ┘àÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ▓┘èÏ® ┘â┘êϺ┘äϺ┘äϺ┘àÏ¿┘êÏ▒- 46 ϺϬϡϺϻϺ┘ï Ï╣ÏÂ┘êϺ┘ïÏî ┘êÏ╣ÏÂ┘êϺ┘ï ┘à┘åϬÏ│ϿϺ┘ï ┘êϺϡϻϺ┘ï ┘ç┘ê ϺϬϡϺϻ ϼÏ▓Ï▒ ┘àϺÏ▒┘èϺ┘åϺ Ϻ┘äÏ┤┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ®. ┘ê┘èϬÏ▒ÏúÏ│ Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘ê┘éϬ Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ϻ┘ç┘å Ϻ┘äÏ┤┘èÏ« Ï│┘ä┘àϺ┘å Ï¿┘å ϺϿÏ▒Ϻ┘ç┘è┘à Ïó┘ä Ï«┘ä┘è┘üÏ® ┘à┘å Ϻ┘äÏ¿Ï¡Ï▒┘è┘å.

┘ê┘èÏ╣ϬϿÏ▒ Ϻ┘äϺϬϡϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘è ┘ä┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à ┘àÏ│Ïñ┘ê┘äϺ┘ï Ï╣┘å Ϭ┘åÏ©┘è┘à ┘â┘ä ┘àϺ ┘èϬÏ╣┘ä┘é Ï¿┘âÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘éÏ»┘à ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘éϺÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘äÏóÏ│┘è┘ê┘èÏ®Ïî Ï¿┘àϺ ┘èÏ┤┘à┘ä ┘àϺ ┘è┘ä┘è: Ϭ┘åÏ©┘è┘à Ϻ┘ä┘äÏ╣Ï¿Ï®Ïî ┘êÏ│┘å ┘é┘êϺ┘å┘è┘å ϼϻ┘èϻϮ ┘äϬϡÏ│┘è┘å ┘êϺ┘éÏ╣┘çϺÏî ┘êÏÂ┘àϺ┘å ϬÏÀÏ¿┘è┘é Ϻ┘ä┘é┘êϺ┘å┘è┘åÏî ┘êϬϡ┘ü┘èÏ▓ ┘êϬ┘å┘à┘èÏ® ┘âÏ▒Ï® ┘éÏ»┘à Ϻ┘ä┘åϺÏ┤Ϫ┘è┘å ┘êϺ┘äÏ┤ϿϺϿÏî ┘üÏÂ┘äϺ┘ï Ï╣┘å Ϭ┘åÏ©┘è┘à Ϻ┘äÏ¿ÏÀ┘ê┘äϺϬ ┘êϺ┘ä┘à┘åϺ┘üÏ│ϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘çϺ┘à┘æÏ®.


First and only remittance and foreign exchange house to sponsor all home football games till 2020

Abu Dhabi, 06 September 2016: The leading global remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand, UAE Exchange recently announced that it has signed up with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) as an official sponsor of national football competitions from 2016 till 2020. With this association, UAE Exchange becomes the first and only remittance and foreign exchange house to join the official sponsorsÔÇÖ brandwagon.

Speaking on the association, Gopakumar Bhargavan, Chief Marketing Officer - UAE Exchange, said, ÔÇ£It is our belief that sports is a binding force. We chose to partner with AFC because football is right up there when it comes to a worldwide fan following and emotional attachments. Similarly, with a strong legacy of 36 years, UAE Exchange has also grown to be a leading player in the remittance industry thanks to its loyal customer base and the bond we share with them. This is aptly represented in our association with AFC and we are delighted to be the exclusive money transfer and foreign exchange brand as an official sponsor of the national competitions till 2020. We see this sponsorship fit in with our strategic plans to connect and engage with our customers on a much larger platform, while reaching out to football-loving audiences regionally and worldwide.ÔÇØ

The five-year agreement has UAE Exchange as the official sponsor of more than 200 home games covering matches of Asian Qualifiers ÔÇô Road to Russia, AFC U-19 Championship 2018, AFC U-16 Championship 2018, AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 and AFC Futsal Championship 2020.

Asian FootballUAE Exchange

ÔÇ£The Asian Football Confederation is pleased to welcome UAE Exchange on board as an official sponsor for the national team competitions. The AFC competitions are growing in terms of fixtures, excitement and audiences. More people are watching live in stadia and on television than ever before. This creates tremendous opportunities for global brands such as UAE Exchange to collaborate in promoting and enjoying the strength and popularity of the game in Asia,ÔÇØ said AFC General Secretary Dato Windsor John.

Bhargavan added, ÔÇÿÔÇ£This sponsorship deal provides countless opportunities to engage our audiences in novel ways, with above-, below- and through-the-line components. To bring the game closer to our audiences, we have developed an integrated marketing campaign and outreach programme that will be leveraged across various channels. Our made-for-the-occasion theme of #YallaLetsPlay kicks-off with exciting on-ground, in-stadia and digital activities on offer to invite people into the footballing experience.ÔÇØ

The sponsorship agreement gives UAE Exchange the official rights and entitlements to use competitionsÔÇÖ marks, to use photographs of players from the competitions, and also to take video clips from the games to include in its marketing collateral. It also raises brand equity of UAE Exchange by displaying the UAE Exchange logo on the backdrop of official football occasions including press conferences and award ceremonies.

About Asian Football Confederation

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is the governing body of Asian football and one of the six Confederations making up FIFA. Formed in 1954 in Manila on the sidelines of the second Asian Games, the AFC was sanctioned by FIFA in Berne, Switzerland on June 21 of that year.

The AFC is now headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and consists of 46 Member Associations and one Associate Member Association (The Northern Mariana Islands). Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa of Bahrain is the AFC President.

The AFC is responsible for running football in Asia. Among its various responsibilities are: regulating the game, drafting new laws to improve the sport, implementing the law, boosting grassroots and youth football, and conducting major competitions

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