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Send 'NÔÇÖ Win winners announced

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

We are extremely happy to announce winners of Send 'N' Win Contest.

And the winners are...

Your love for Pakistan is going to make you a winner, this Independence Day!

Can you sing Pak sarzameen shad bad? Do you have a selfie with the flag of the Crescent and Star? Have you painted your face white and dark green?

Or have you gone beyond all to express your patriotism always and anywhere?

Whatever it is, upload a photo or video showcasing how much you love Pakistan on http://www.uaeexchange.com/promotion/proudpakistani/ and win the exciting prizes mentioned below, between 8 and 20 August 2016.

  • 1st prize: Samsung Galaxy A3
  • 2nd Prize: Lenovo Tablet
  • 3rd Prize: Gift Voucher worth AED 200 or equivalent
  • Special Prize -Most Referrals: Samsung Galaxy A3

The winners will be announced on 30 August 2016. DonÔÇÖt forget to refer as many friends as possible as there is special prize Samsung Galaxy A3 waiting for the participant who has referred most friends.

Go ahead, prove your patriotism and win!

Corporate Blog Pakday

Your love for India is going to make you a winner, this Independence Day!

Can you sing Jana gana mana? Do you have a selfie with the tricolour? Have you painted your face saffron, white and green?

Or have you gone beyond all to express your patriotism always and anywhere?

Whatever it is, upload a photo or video showcasing how much you love India on http://www.uaeexchange.com/promotion/proudindian/ and win the exciting prizes mentioned below, between 8 and 20 August 2016.

  • 1st prize: Samsung Galaxy A3
  • 2nd Prize: Lenovo Tablet
  • 3rd Prize: Gift Voucher worth AED 200 or equivalent
  • Special Prize -Most Referrals: Samsung Galaxy A3

The winners will be announced on 30 August 2016. DonÔÇÖt forget to refer as many friends as possible as there is special prize Samsung Galaxy A3 waiting for the participant who has referred most number of people.

Go ahead, prove your patriotism and win!


Ϻ┘åϬ█üϺϪ█î ┘àÏ│Ï▒Ϭ ┌®█Æ Ï│ϺϬ┘ç█ü █î┘ê Ϻ█Æ Ïº█î Ϻ█î┌®Ï│┌å█î┘åϼ  Ïóϼ 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ  ┌®█Æ Ï«ÏÁ┘êÏÁ█î ÏÀ┘êÏ▒ ┘¥Ï▒ ┌ê█îÏ▓ϺϪ┘å ┌®Ïª█Æ Ï│┌®█Æ ┌®█Æ ┘üϺϬϡ ┌®Ïº ϺÏ╣┘äϺ┘å ┌®Ï▒Ϭ█î █ü█Æ

ϬϺÏ▒█îÏ« Ϻ┘åÏ╣Ϻ┘à ϼ█îϬϺ ┘à┘êϿϺϪ┘ä ┘å┘àÏ¿Ï▒┌®█Æ ÏóÏ«Ï▒█î █ü┘åÏ»Ï│█Æ ┘üϺϬϡ ┌®Ïº ┘åϺ┘à
14/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 5644 ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» ÏÀ█îÏ¿ Ϻ┘üϬϫϺÏ▒ Ϻϡ┘àÏ»
13/8/16  3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 0186 Ï░█îÏ┤Ϻ┘å Ϻϡ┘àÏ» Ï©█ü█îÏ▒ Ϻ┘äÏ»█î┘å
12/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 8748 ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» Ï▒Ï┤█îÏ» ┘üÏ▒Ï«
11/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 5527 Ï▒Ϻϼ█ü Ϻ┘üϬϫϺÏ▒ Ϻϡ┘àÏ» ┘åϽϺÏ▒ Ϻϡ┘àÏ» ϺϿÏ▒┘ê
10/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 9403 Ï¡Ï│┘å Ï╣┘ä█î ┘êϺÏ▒Ͻ ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» ┘êϺÏ▒Ͻ
9/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü
┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» ϺÏ┤┘üϺ┘é ÏÁ┘üÏ»Ï▒ ϫϺ┘å
8/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 7628 Ϻ┘àϻϺϻ Ϻ┘äÏ»█î┘å ÏÂ█îϺÏí Ϻ┘ä┘ä█ü
7/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 1238 Ï│Ï▒┘üÏ▒ϺÏ▓ Ï¡Ï│█î┘å Ï¿┘╣ ϺÏ╣ϼϺÏ▓ Ï¡Ï│█î┘å Ï¿┘╣
6/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 0519 ┘åÏ»█î┘à ϺϫϬÏ▒ Ï«┘êÏ▒Ï┤█îÏ» Ï╣┘ä█î
5/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 6854 ┘àÏ╣█î┘å Ï╣ϿϻϺ┘äÏ▒Ï┤█îÏ»
4/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 6999 ┘é█îÏÁÏ▒Ï┤█üÏ▓ϺϻÏ║┘ü┘êÏ▒Ϻϡ┘àÏ»
3/8/16 3 ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº Ï│┌®█ü 5617 ÏÀÏ¿█îÏ¿ Ϻϡ┘àÏ»

ϼ█îϬ█Æ ┘êϺ┘ä┘ê┌║ ┌®┘ê █ü┘àϺÏ▒█î ÏÀÏ▒┘ü Ï│█Æ ┌ê┘ç█îÏ▒┘ê┌║ ┘àϿϺÏ▒┌®Ï¿ÏºÏ» ! █ü┘à Ϻ┘¥┘å█Æ Ï¬┘àϺ┘à Ï┤Ï▒┌®ÏºÏí ┌®█Æ Ï¬█ü Ï»┘ä Ï│█Æ Ï┤┌®Ï▒┌»Ï▓ϺÏ▒ █ü█î┌║ ϼ┘å█ü┘ê┌║ ┘å█Æ ÏºÏ│ ┘à┘éϺϿ┘ä█Æ ┌®┘ê Ï¿┘çÏ▒┘¥┘êÏ▒ ÏÀÏ▒█î┘é█Æ Ï│█Æ ┌®Ïº┘à█îϺϿ ┌®█îϺ - █ü┘àϺÏ▒█î Ϭ┘àϺ┘à ┘å█î┌® Ϭ┘à┘åϺϪ█î┌║ Ϻ┘å ┌®█Æ
Ï│ϺϬ┘ç█ü █ü█î┌║

█î█üϺ┌║ ┌®┘ä┌®  ┌®Ï▒█î┌║  http://bit.ly/2aEIRs2    Ïº┘êÏ▒ Ϻ┌»┘äϺ ┘üϺϬϡ █ü┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®Ïº ┘à┘ê┘éÏ╣ ┘¥ÏºÏª█î┌║

Pakistan day

Ï¡Ï│┘å Ï╣┘ä█î ┘êϺÏ▒Ͻ ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» ┘êϺÏ▒Ͻ

Dubai, 3 August 2016: Now, flying from the United Arab Emirates to the Philippines is not only more affordable than ever but also, more convenient. The Philippines largest airline, Cebu Pacific Air (PSE: CEB) recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with UAE Exchange, the leading global remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand.

Travellers from the UAE can now book a seat through the CEB website, and upon reaching the payment page, they may choose to pay via UAE Exchange. After taking note of a 14-digit number and the total amount, they can then head to the nearest UAE Exchange branch on the same day and pay with cash. A confirmed CEB itinerary will be sent via email the next day.

Cebu Pacific Air enters into alliance with UAE Exchange(L-R) Varghese Mathew (Country Head-UAE, UAE Exchange) with Blessie L. Cruz (Director for Advertising & Promotions, Cebu Pacific Air).

Cebu Pacific Air enters into alliance with UAE Exchange(L-R) Genesis Lontoc (Marketing Head - South-East Asia, Cebu Pacific Air), Kaushal Doshi (Regional Marketing Head-Middle East, UAE Exchange), Semuna Shrestha (Marketing Manager, Cebu Pacific GSA Dubai), Easwar LA (Sales Manager, Cebu Pacific GSA Dubai), Mathai Vaidian (Country Head, Qatar-UAE Exchange), Varghese Mathew (Country Head-UAE, UAE Exchange), Blessie L. Cruz (Director for Advertising & Promotions, Cebu Pacific Air), Joel Aquino (Sales Manager, Cebu Pacific Air), Ingrid D. Salud (International Market Specialist, Cebu Pacific Air) and Sreenath Menon (Relationship Manager- Partnerships, UAE Exchange).

The alliance provides a swift, hassle-free payment option for tourists, business professionals and Filipino expatriates traveling to the Philippines. The CEB-UAE Exchange tie-up makes the convenience of online booking available to travellers without a credit card.

Atty. JR Mantaring, CEB Vice President for Corporate Affairs, said: ÔÇ£With our frequent online seat sales and multiple branches of UAE Exchange across the United Arab Emirates, this partnership can only make CEBÔÇÖs trademark low fares more accessible for everyone.ÔÇØ

Varghese Mathew, Country Head, UAE Exchange-UAE said: ÔÇ£This alliance will prove to be another milestone for us and mark our foray into the travel sector. With the loyal following of Cebu Pacific across the globe, we are confident that this alliance will appeal to international business and leisure visitors, the expatriate community, as well as businessmen and professionals residing in the UAE.ÔÇØ

CEB is the only low-cost carrier that flies directly from Dubai, where a large number of Filipino expatriates reside, to Manila. Passengers who travel to Manila on CEB will also benefit from the airlineÔÇÖs comprehensive domestic network, which makes the carrier the most convenient option when flying into the Philippines or catching connecting flights.

Passengers can also add other CEB products such as seat selection, travel insurance, meals, and baggage allowance to their bookings, through the Manage Booking section in the website, and pay using the UAE Exchange payment centre option.

For bookings and inquiries, travellers can visit www.cebupacificair.com. Passengers may also call Al Rais Travel at +971-4-3545777 for Dubai or Abu Dhabi Travel Bureau at + 971-2-610-5211 for Abu Dhabi & Al Ain.

The latest news and seat sale offers can also be found on CEBÔÇÖs official Twitter (@cebupacificair) and Facebook (Cebu Pacific Air) pages, as well as UAE ExchangeÔÇÖs Facebook (UAE Exchange) and Twitter (@uaeexchange) pages.

ÔÇÖÏ║┘è┘æÏ▒ Ï¡┘èϺϬ┘âÏî ϺÏ▒Ϭ┘é┘É Ï¿ÏúÏ│┘ä┘êÏ¿ ┘àÏ╣┘èÏ┤Ϭ┘âÔÇÿ

ϺÏ┤Ϭ┘à┘äϬ ┘éϺϪ┘àÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘å Ï╣┘ä┘ë ┘êϺ┘üÏ»┘è┘å ┘à┘å Ï»┘ê┘ä ┘àϫϬ┘ä┘üÏ® ϬÏ┤┘à┘ä Ï¿┘åÏ║┘äϺϻÏ┤ ┘ê┘àÏÁÏ▒ ┘êϺ┘ä┘ç┘åÏ» ┘êϺ┘äÏúÏ▒Ï»┘å ┘ê┘â┘è┘å┘èϺ ┘êϺ┘ä┘å┘èϿϺ┘ä ┘êϿϺ┘âÏ│ϬϺ┘å ┘ê┘ü┘äÏ│ÏÀ┘è┘å ┘êϬϺ┘è┘äϺ┘åÏ» ┘êϺ┘ä┘ü┘ä┘èÏ¿┘è┘å

  • Ϻ┘ä┘é┘è┘àÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑϼ┘àϺ┘ä┘èÏ® ┘ä┘äϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓ ϬÏÁ┘ä ÏÑ┘ä┘ë 222,222 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒ Ïú┘àÏ▒┘è┘â┘è
  • ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ÔÇÖ┘à┘èϼϺ Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ┘è┘åϺ┘ä┘çϺ Ϻ┘äϿϺ┘âÏ│ϬϺ┘å┘è ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» ┘êÏ│┘è┘à ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» Ï│┘ä┘è┘à Ï¿┘é┘è┘àÏ® 122,222 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒ Ïú┘àÏ▒┘è┘â┘è.
  • ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ÔÇÖϼÏ▒Ϻ┘åÏ» Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ ┘èÏ¡ÏÁÏ»┘çϺ Ï«┘àÏ│Ï® ┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘å Ï¿┘é┘è┘àÏ® 10 Ïó┘äϺ┘ü Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒ ┘ä┘â┘ä ┘à┘å┘ç┘à
  • ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ÔÇÖÏ│┘êÏ¿Ï▒ Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ ϬÏñ┘ê┘ä ÏÑ┘ä┘ë 50 ┘üϺϪÏ▓Ϻ┘ï Ï¿┘é┘è┘àÏ® 1000 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒ ┘ä┘â┘ä ┘à┘å┘ç┘à

ϻϿ┘èÏî 30 ┘è┘ê┘ä┘è┘ê 2016:ÏúÏ╣┘ä┘åϬ ÔÇÖÏ┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘è┘æÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®ÔÇÿ - Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ«Ï»┘àϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘è┘æÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ▒ϺϪϻϮ Ï╣Ϻ┘ä┘à┘èϺ┘ï ┘ü┘è ┘àϼϺ┘ä Ϻ┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ® ┘êϺ┘äÏ¡┘êϺ┘äϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä┘è┘æÏ® ┘êÏ¡┘ä┘ê┘ä Ϻ┘äÏ»┘üÏ╣ - Ï╣┘å ÏúÏ│┘àϺÏí Ϻ┘ä┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘å Ϻ´╗ƒ 56 ┘ü┘è Ï╣Ï▒ÏÂ┘çϺ Ϻ┘äϬÏ▒┘ê┘èϼ┘è Ϻ┘äÏÁ┘è┘ü┘è ÔÇÖÏ║┘è┘æÏ▒ Ï¡┘èϺϬ┘âÏî ϺÏ▒Ϭ┘é┘É Ï¿ÏúÏ│┘ä┘êÏ¿ ┘àÏ╣┘èÏ┤Ϭ┘âÔÇÿ Ï╣Ï¿Ï▒ Ϭ┘åÏ©┘è┘à ┘üÏ╣Ϻ┘ä┘è┘æÏ® ϫϺÏÁ┘æÏ® ┘ü┘è ┘ü┘åÏ»┘é ÔÇÖϿϺÏ▒┘â Ï▒┘èϼ┘èÏ│ÔÇÿ ϿϻϿ┘èÏî Ï╣ϺÏ┤ Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ┤ϺÏ▒┘â┘ê┘å ┘ü┘è┘çϺ Ïúϼ┘êϺÏí ϡϺ┘ü┘äÏ® ϿϺ┘äÏÑϽϺÏ▒Ï® ┘êϺ┘äÏ¡┘àϺÏ│ ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘åϬϩϺÏ▒ Ϻ┘ä┘âÏ┤┘ü Ï╣┘å ÏúÏ│┘àϺÏí Ϻ┘ä┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘å.

┘êÏ¿┘äÏ║Ϭ Ϻ┘ä┘é┘è┘àÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑϼ┘àϺ┘ä┘è┘æÏ® ┘ä┘äϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓ Ϻ┘ä┘å┘éÏ»┘è┘æÏ® 222,222 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒ Ïú┘àÏ▒┘è┘â┘èÏî Ï╣┘ä┘àϺ┘ï Ïú┘å ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ÔÇÖ┘à┘èϼϺ Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ ┘âϺ┘åϬ ┘é┘è┘àϬ┘çϺ 122,222 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒ Ïú┘àÏ▒┘è┘â┘èÏî ┘ü┘è Ï¡┘è┘å Ï¿┘äÏ║Ϭ ┘é┘è┘àÏ® ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ÔÇÖϼÏ▒Ϻ┘åÏ» Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ 10 Ïó┘äϺ┘ü Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒ Ï¡Ï©┘è Ï¿┘çϺ Ï«┘àÏ│Ï® ┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘åÏî ┘êÏ░┘ä┘â ϿϺ┘äÏÑÏÂϺ┘üÏ® ÏÑ┘ä┘ë Ϭ┘êÏ▓┘èÏ╣ 50 ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ÔÇÖÏ│┘êÏ¿Ï▒ Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ Ϻ┘äϿϺ┘äÏ║Ï® ┘é┘è┘àÏ® ┘â┘ä ┘à┘å┘çϺ 1000 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒. ┘êÏú┘é┘è┘àϬ Ϻ┘ä┘üÏ╣Ϻ┘ä┘è┘æÏ® Ï¿Ï¡ÏÂ┘êÏ▒ Ϻ┘äÏ│┘èÏ» Ï▒ϺÏ┤Ï» Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ▒┘æ┘è ┘à┘å ϻϺϪÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘äϬ┘å┘à┘èÏ® Ϻ┘äϺ┘éϬÏÁϺϻ┘è┘æÏ® ┘ü┘è ϻϿ┘è┘ê┘à┘àϽ┘ä┘è┘å Ï▒Ï│┘à┘è┘è┘å Ï╣┘å Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®.

┘ê┘éϺ┘ä ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» ┘êÏ│┘è┘à ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» Ï│┘ä┘è┘à ┘à┘å ϿϺ┘âÏ│ϬϺ┘åÏî Ϻ┘ä┘üϺϪÏ▓ ϿϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ÔÇÖ┘à┘èϼϺ Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ Ϻ┘äϿϺ┘äÏ║Ï® ┘é┘è┘àϬ┘çϺ 122,222 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒: "Ïú┘âϺϻ ┘äϺ ÏúÏÁÏ»┘æ┘é Ï░┘ä┘âÏî Ϻ┘äÏú┘àÏ▒ ÏúÏ┤Ï¿┘ç ┘àϺ ┘è┘â┘ê┘å Ï¿Ï¡┘ä┘à! ÏúÏ¡┘àÏ» Ϻ┘ä┘ä┘ç Ï╣┘ä┘ë ┘çÏ░Ϻ Ϻ┘ä┘ü┘êÏ▓ Ϻ┘äÏ░┘è Ï│┘èϿϽ┘æ Ϻ┘äÏ│Ï▒┘êÏ▒ ┘ü┘è ┘é┘ä┘êÏ¿ Ïú┘üÏ▒Ϻϻ Ï╣ϺϪ┘äϬ┘è ┘êÏ│┘èÏ┤┘â┘æ┘ä Ï»Ï╣┘àϺ┘ï ┘àϺϻ┘èϺ┘ï ┘é┘ê┘èϺ┘ï ┘ä┘ç┘àÏî ┘êÏ│┘èÏ│┘àÏ¡ ┘ä┘è ϿϬÏ║ÏÀ┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘âϽ┘èÏ▒ ┘à┘å Ϻ┘äϺϡϬ┘èϺϼϺϬ ┘àϽ┘ä Ï¡┘ü┘ä Ï▓┘üϺ┘ü ÏúϫϬ┘è".

Summer Promotion Winners

┘ê┘à┘å ϼ┘çÏ® ÏúÏ«Ï▒┘ëÏî ┘éϺ┘ä ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» ÏúÏ¿┘ê Ï┤Ï▒Ï« ┘à┘å ┘ü┘äÏ│ÏÀ┘è┘å: " Ϭ┘ü┘â┘èÏ▒┘è Ϻ┘äÏó┘å ┘àÏ▒Ϭ┘âÏ▓ Ï¡┘ê┘ä Ϻ┘äÏÀÏ▒┘é Ϻ┘äÏú┘üÏÂ┘ä ┘äÏÑ┘å┘üϺ┘é ┘çÏ░Ϻ Ϻ┘ä┘àϺ┘ä"Ïî Ï¿┘è┘å┘àϺ ÏúÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿ Ïú┘ê┘å┘æ┘è ┘åϺÏ▒Ϻ┘èϺ┘åϺ┘å Ï┤┘åϻϺ┘åϺ Ï¿┘êÏ▒Ϻ┘è┘ä ┘à┘å Ϻ┘ä┘ç┘åÏ» Ï╣┘å Ïú┘å┘ç ┘àϺ Ï▓Ϻ┘ä Ï║┘èÏ▒ ┘àÏÁÏ»┘é ϡϬ┘ë Ϻ┘äÏó┘åÏî Ï¡┘èϽ ┘éϺ┘ä: "┘ü┘è ϿϺϻϪ Ϻ┘äÏú┘àÏ▒ Ï©┘å┘åϬ┘Å Ïú┘å Ϻ┘äÏú┘àÏ▒ ÏÑÏ¡Ï»┘ë Ï«Ï»Ï╣ Ϻ┘äϺϬÏÁϺ┘ä Ϻ┘ä┘çϺϬ┘ü┘èÏî ┘ê┘ä┘â┘å Ï│Ï▒Ï╣Ϻ┘å ┘àϺ ϺϬÏÁ┘ä ÏÁÏ»┘è┘é┘è ϿϺ┘äÏ▒┘é┘à Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ░┘â┘êÏ▒ ┘êϬϡϻ┘æϽ ÏÑ┘ä┘ë ┘à┘àϽ┘ä Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® ÔÇÖ Ïº┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®ÔÇÿ Ϻ┘äÏ░┘è Ïú┘â┘æÏ» ┘ä┘ç Ϻ┘äÏ«Ï¿Ï▒". ┘ê┘èÏ┤ϺÏ▒ ÏÑ┘ä┘ë Ïú┘å ┘â┘ä┘æ ┘à┘å ÏúÏ¿┘êÏ┤Ï▒Ï« ┘êÏ¿┘êÏ▒Ϻ┘è┘ä ┘éÏ» ┘üϺÏ▓Ϻ ϿϺϽ┘åϬ┘è┘å ┘à┘å ϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓ ÔÇÖϼÏ▒Ϻ┘åÏ» Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ Ϻ┘äÏ«┘àÏ│Ï® Ϻ┘äϿϺ┘äÏ║Ï® ┘é┘è┘àÏ® ┘â┘ä ┘à┘å┘çϺ 10 Ïó┘äϺ┘ü Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒.

Ïú┘àϺ ϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓ ÔÇÖÏ│┘êÏ¿Ï▒ Ï¿Ï▒Ϻ┘èÏ▓ÔÇÿ ┘ü┘âϺ┘å Ï╣ϻϻ┘çϺ 50 ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ┘é┘è┘àÏ® ┘â┘ä ┘à┘å┘çϺ 1000 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒Ïî ┘ê┘à┘å Ï¿┘è┘å Ϻ┘ä┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘å Ï¿┘çϺ ┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» ÏÁÏ¿Ï¡┘è ÏÁÏ¿Ï¡┘è Ϻ┘äÏ«┘ä┘è┘ü (┘àÏÁÏ▒)Ïî ┘ê┘àÏ¡┘àÏ» Ï╣┘àϺÏ▒ Ï╣Ï¿Ï» Ϻ┘ä┘à┘åÏ╣┘à ┘à┘åÏÁ┘êÏ▒ (Ϻ┘äÏúÏ▒Ï»┘å)Ïî ┘êÏ¿┘èϬÏ▒ ┘å┘è┘è┘åϼ┘è ┘àϿϺ┘è (┘â┘è┘å┘èϺ)Ïî ┘êϼϺ┘å┘èÏ│ Ïú┘äϿϺϿϺϿÏ▒Ϻ Ï▒Ϻ┘à┘êÏ│ (Ϻ┘ä┘ü┘äÏ¿┘è┘å)Ïî ┘êϼϺ┘çϺ┘åÏ║┘èÏ▒ Ï¡Ï│┘è┘å ϿϺϻϺ┘å ┘à┘èϺ┘ç (Ï¿┘åÏ║┘äϺϻÏ┤).

ϬÏ╣┘ä┘è┘éϺ Ï╣┘ä┘ë Ï░┘ä┘â Ϻ┘äÏú┘àÏ▒ ┘éϺ┘ä ┘üϺÏ▒ϼ┘èÏ▓ ┘àϺϽ┘è┘ê Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ»┘èÏ▒ Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘é┘ä┘è┘à┘è ┘ä┘ÇÏ┤Ï▒┘âÏ® ÔÇÖϺ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®ÔÇÿ: "┘åÏ¡┘å Ï¡Ï▒┘èÏÁ┘ê┘å Ï╣┘ä┘ë Ïú┘å ┘å┘â┘ê┘å ┘éÏ▒Ï¿ Ï╣┘à┘äϺϪ┘åϺ Ï»┘ê┘àϺ┘ï ┘â┘è ┘åÏ│ϺÏ╣Ï»┘ç┘à Ï╣┘ä┘ë Ï¿┘ä┘êÏ║ Ïú┘çϻϺ┘ü┘ç┘àÏî ┘äÏ░┘ä┘â ┘è┘åÏ»Ï▒ϼ Ï╣Ï▒Ï ÔÇÖÏ║┘è┘æÏ▒ Ï¡┘èϺϬ┘âÏî ϺÏ▒Ϭ┘é┘É Ï¿ÏúÏ│┘ä┘êÏ¿ ┘àÏ╣┘èÏ┤Ϭ┘âÔÇÿ ┘ü┘è ÏÑÏÀϺÏ▒ ┘àϿϺϻÏ▒ϺϬ┘åϺ Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ϻ┘à┘èÏ® ÏÑ┘ä┘ë Ϭ┘à┘â┘è┘å Ϻ┘äÏ╣┘à┘äϺÏí ┘êÏÑϡϻϺϽ ┘üϺÏ▒┘é┘ì ÏÑ┘èϼϺϿ┘è ┘ü┘è Ï¡┘èϺϬ┘ç┘à. ┘êÏ¿┘çÏ░┘ç Ϻ┘ä┘à┘åϺÏ│Ï¿Ï® ┘å┘ç┘åϪ Ϻ┘ä┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘å ┘à┘å ÏúÏ╣┘àϺ┘é ┘é┘äÏ¿┘åϺÏî ┘ê┘åϬ┘êϼ┘æ┘ç ϿϼÏ▓┘è┘ä Ϻ┘äÏ┤┘âÏ▒ ÏÑ┘ä┘ë Ï╣┘à┘äϺϪ┘åϺ ┘êÏ┤Ï▒┘âϺϪ┘åϺ Ï╣┘ä┘ë ϬÏ╣Ϻ┘ê┘å┘ç┘à ┘àÏ╣┘åϺ ┘êϺ┘ä┘àÏ│Ϻ┘ç┘àÏ® ┘ü┘è ÏÑ┘åϼϺϡ ┘çÏ░Ϻ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒ÏÂ".

┘ê┘à┘å ϼϺ┘åÏ¿┘ç ┘éϺ┘ä ┘â┘êÏ┤Ϻ┘ä Ï»┘êÏ┤┘èÏî Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ϫ┘èÏ│ Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘é┘ä┘è┘à┘è ┘ä┘äϬÏ│┘ê┘è┘é ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘äÏ┤Ï▒┘é Ϻ┘äÏú┘êÏ│ÏÀ ┘äÏ»┘ë Ï┤Ï▒┘âÏ® ÔÇÖϺ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®ÔÇÿ: "┘ä┘éÏ» Ï│Ï▒Ï▒┘åϺ ┘ä┘äÏ║Ϻ┘èÏ® Ï¿Ï▒Ïñ┘èÏ® Ϻ┘äÏ¡┘àϺÏ│Ï® Ϻ┘äϬ┘è Ï║┘àÏ▒Ϭ Ϻ┘ä┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘å Ϻ┘äÏ░┘è┘å ┘è┘åϬ┘à┘ê┘å ÏÑ┘ä┘ë Ïú┘åϡϺÏí ┘àϫϬ┘ä┘üÏ® ┘à┘å Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ϻ┘ä┘à Ï¿┘àϺ ┘èÏ┤┘à┘ä ┘àÏÁÏ▒ ┘êϺ┘äÏúÏ▒Ï»┘å ┘ê┘ü┘äÏ│ÏÀ┘è┘å ┘ê┘â┘è┘å┘èϺ ┘êÏ¿┘åÏ║┘äϺϻÏ┤ ┘êϺ┘ä┘ç┘åÏ» ┘êϺ┘ä┘å┘èϿϺ┘ä ┘êϿϺ┘âÏ│ϬϺ┘å ┘êϬϺ┘è┘äϺ┘åÏ» ┘êϺ┘ä┘ü┘äÏ¿┘è┘åÏî ┘êϺ┘äÏ░┘è┘å Ï¡ÏÂÏ▒┘êϺ ┘àÏ╣┘åϺ ┘ä┘èϡϬ┘ü┘ä┘êϺ Ͽϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓┘ç┘à. ┘ä┘éÏ» ┘é┘à┘åϺ Ï¿Ï«ÏÀ┘êϺϬ ÏÑÏÂϺ┘ü┘èÏ® ┘äϬÏ╣Ï▓┘èÏ▓ ┘àÏ┤ϺÏ▒┘âÏ® Ï╣┘à┘äϺϪ┘åϺ Ï╣Ï¿Ï▒ Ϭ┘åÏ©┘è┘à ┘àÏ▓┘èÏ» ┘à┘å Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ϻϻ┘èÏ® ┘êϺ┘äÏÑ┘ä┘âϬÏ▒┘ê┘å┘èÏ® ┘à┘å Ïúϼ┘ä ÏÑÏ▓┘âϺÏí ┘çÏ░Ϻ Ϻ┘äÏ▓Ï«┘à Ϻ┘ä┘à┘à┘è┘æÏ▓ ┘êÏÑϬϺϡϮ ┘àÏ▓┘èÏ» ┘à┘å Ϻ┘ä┘üÏ▒ÏÁ. ┘ê┘éÏ» ÏúϬϺϡϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘ä┘âϬÏ▒┘ê┘å┘èÏ® ┘üÏ▒ÏÁÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘ü┘êÏ▓ Ï¿┘éÏ│ϺϪ┘à ┘çϻϺ┘èϺ ϬÏ╣Ϻϻ┘ä ┘é┘è┘àϬ┘çϺ 222 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒ ┘â┘ä ÏúÏ│Ï¿┘êÏ╣┘è┘åÏî ┘ü┘è Ï¡┘è┘å ┘üϺÏ▓ Ϻ┘äÏ╣┘à┘äϺÏí Ϻ┘äÏ░┘è┘å Ï┤ϺÏ▒┘â┘êϺ ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éϺϬ ÏÂ┘à┘å ┘üÏ▒┘êÏ╣ Ϻ┘äÏ┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ͽϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓ ϬϬÏ▒Ϻ┘êÏ¡ ┘é┘è┘àϬ┘çϺ ┘àϺ Ï¿┘è┘å 2 ÏÑ┘ä┘ë 222 Ï»┘ê┘äϺÏ▒".

┘ê┘èÏ┤ϺÏ▒ ÏÑ┘ä┘ë Ïú┘å Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï Ϻ┘äϬÏ▒┘ê┘èϼ┘è ┘âϺ┘å ┘à┘üϬ┘êϡϺ┘ï ┘ä┘âϺ┘üÏ® Ϻ┘äϼ┘åÏ│┘èϺϬÏî Ï¡┘èϽ ┘âϺ┘å Ϻ┘äÏ┤Ï▒ÏÀ Ϻ┘ä┘êÏ¡┘èÏ» ┘ä┘ä┘àÏ┤ϺÏ▒┘âÏ® ┘ü┘è┘ç ┘ç┘ê ÏÑÏ▒Ï│Ϻ┘ä Ï¡┘êϺ┘äϬ┘è┘å Ï╣┘ä┘ë Ϻ┘äÏú┘é┘ä ┘à┘å Ïú┘è ┘à┘å ┘üÏ▒┘êÏ╣ ÔÇÖÏ┤Ï▒┘âÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ ┘ä┘äÏÁÏ▒Ϻ┘üÏ®ÔÇÿ ┘ü┘è Ï»┘ê┘äÏ® Ϻ┘äÏÑ┘àϺÏ▒ϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘àϬϡϻϮ Ï«┘äϺ┘ä ┘üϬÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒ÏÂ. 


  • Muhammad Waseem Muhammad Saleem from Pakistan wins the mega prize of USD 122,222
  • USD 10,000 awarded to each of the five grand prize winners
  • 50 super prize winners presented with USD 1,000 each
  • Winners included expatriates from Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Thailand and the Philippines

Dubai, 30 July 2016: It was an atmosphere where minds were reeling and hearts pounding, and then the crowd erupted in excitement. UAE Exchange, the leading global remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand, announced the winners of its summer promotion - Change Your Life Upgrade Your Style ÔÇô at Park Regis, Dubai.

56 lucky winners took home cash prizes amounting to USD 222,222, with the mega prize winner receiving USD 122,222. The grand prize of USD 10,000 was awarded to each of the five winners while 50 super prize winners were presented with USD 1,000 each. The draw was held in the presence of Mr. Rashid Al Merry from the Department of Economic Development (Dubai) and senior officials of UAE Exchange.

Summer Promotion Winners

The mega prize winner, Muhammad Waseem Muhammad Saleem from Pakistan, who won the cash prize of USD 122,222 said, ÔÇ£It still feels like a dream. I am thankful to God for this gift. My family will be really happy with this news as with this money I will be able to fulfil all my financial commitments back home especially my sisterÔÇÖs marriage.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£All I can think about is how to spend this prize money,ÔÇØ said an excited Mohammed O K Abu Sharekh from Palestine. However, for Unni Narayanan Chandana Purayil from India, he couldnÔÇÖt believe on his luck. ÔÇ£At first, I thought it was a spam call but then my friend called back at the number and spoke to the UAE Exchange representative to confirm on the news.ÔÇØ Mohammed and Unni are among the five grand prize winners who won USD 10,000 each.

Many cheers and exclamations of joy were heard when Mohammed Sobhy Sobhy Elkhalif (Egypt), Mohammad Ammar Abdel Monem Mansour (Jordan), Peter Nyingi Mbai (Kenya), Janice Alpapapra Ramos (the Philippines) and Jahangir Hossain Badan Miah (Bangladesh) got to know they were among the fifty super prize winners to win USD 1,000.

Congratulating the winners, Varghese Mathew, Country Head, UAE Exchange ÔÇô UAE said, ÔÇ£It is a part of our endeavour to be closer to our customers and be an enabler of their success. The ÔÇÿChange Your Life Upgrade Your StyleÔÇÖ summer promotion was one of our initiatives to empower our customers and bring a positive change in their lives. We congratulate all the winners and thank our customers and partners for their association with us to make this promotion a grand success.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£It was a delight to see, first hand, the excitement among the expatriates from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines ÔÇô all under one roof. To further build on the momentum and create more opportunities for people, we went a step beyond by engaging our customers through additional contests held both online and on-ground. Customers who had participated in the online contest won cash vouchers worth USD 222 every fortnight, while customers who had participated in the branches won cash prizes from USD 2 to USD 222,ÔÇØ added Kaushal Doshi, Regional Marketing Head-Middle East.

The summer promotion was open to all nationalities. Customers who sent money twice from any of the UAE Exchange branches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during the promotion period were automatically eligible for the lucky draw.

Click here to know the Mega & Super prize winners: http://www.uaeexchangeblog.com/knowledge-bank/summer-promotion-main-prize-winners-announced.html

Manama, 31 July 2016: It was raining prizes in Bahrain when UAE Exchange, the leading global remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand, announced the winners of its fifth and sixth draw of Khairat Ramadan promotion. Each winner was presented with branded home appliances.

ÔÇ£The feeling of this win cannot be expressed in words. All I can say is I am happy,ÔÇØ said Suresh Kondoor from India, one of the winners of the sixth draw. He has won a branded refrigerator that he plans to send home.

An elated Terecita Tuliao Balean from the Philippines said, ÔÇ£I am thrilled. I never expected to win a branded television set. Thank you UAE Exchange.ÔÇØ She was one of the winners in the fifth draw.

Additionally, UAE Exchange conducts a digital draw each week and presents one lucky winner with gift vouchers worth BD 20.

The final draw and the mega prize announcement will be held on 17August 2016.

Winners of Khairat Ramadan

S.No. Name Nationality
6th Draw
1 Mohammad Arsad Mohammad  Dilawar Indian
2  Zaheerhussainx So Akhterhussain Indian
3  Suresh  Kondoor Indian
4  AneesVelliyattil  Aboobacker Indian
5  Ebrahim Abu Bakkar Indian
6  Harpal  Singh Indian
7  PavithranCherichal  Kunhiraman Indian
8  Liton Mia Anu Mia Bangladesh
9  Hala  Alhemray Bahraini
5th Draw
10 Mujahid Hussain  Tassawar Hussain Pakistani
11 Chandra  Bhushan Indian
12 NoushadMannangal So AssainMannangal Indian
13 Rajat  Sahoo Indian
14 Davinder  Kumar Indian
15 SemeerKaruveettil  Muhammad Karuveetil Indian
16 SreejithChalu  Kumaran Indian
17 TerecitaTuliaoBalean Filipino
18 Khalilebrahim Hamad Rashed Bahraini

ϿϺ┘ê┘éϺÏ▒ ┘¥Ïº┌®Ï│ϬϺ┘å█î┘ê┌║ ┌®█Æ ┘äϪ█Æ Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®█î ϿϺÏ▒Ï┤

█î┘ê Ϻ█Æ Ïº█î Ϻ█î┌®Ï│┌å█î┘åϼ ┌®█Æ Ï░Ï▒█îÏ╣█Æ ┘¥Ïº┌®Ï│ϬϺ┘å Ϻ┘¥┘å█Æ ┌»┌¥Ï▒ Ï▒┘é┘à Ï¿┌¥█îϼ█î┌║ Ϻ┘êÏ▒ ┘à┘ä┌® ┌®█î ÏóÏ▓Ϻϻ█î ┌®Ïº ϼÏ┤┘å ┘à┘åϺϪ█î┌║  Ï«ÏÁ┘êÏÁ█î ÏÀ┘êÏ▒ ┘¥Ï▒ ┌ê█îÏ▓ϺϪ┘å ┌®Ïª█Æ █│ ┌»Ï▒Ϻ┘à Ï│┘ê┘å█Æ ┌®█Æ Ï│┌®█Æ Ï¼█îϬ ┌®Ï▒ ÔÇô Ï▒┘êÏ▓Ϻ┘å█ü 2 Ï│█Æ 14 Ϻ┌»Ï│Ϭ Ϭ┌®

Ï│┘ê┌å Ï▒█ü█Æ █ü┘ê┌║ ┌»█Æ ┌®Ï│ ÏÀÏ▒Ï¡ σ

┌®┘ä┌® ┌®Ï▒█î┌║  http://www.uaeexchange.com/promotion/pakistanday ┘¥Ï▒ Ϻ┘êÏ▒ ϺÏ│ ┘à█ü█î█ü ┌®Ï▒Ï»┘ç ┘üϺÏ▒┘à ┘à█î┌║ Ïó┘¥ ┌®█î ┘╣Ï▒Ϻ┘åÏ▓┌®Ï┤┘å ┌®█î Ϭ┘üÏÁ█î┘äϺϬ ┘üÏ▒Ϻ█ü┘à ┌®Ï▒█î┌║ 

Ϻ┌»█Æ Ï¿┌æ┌¥█î┌║ Ï▒┘é┘à Ï¿┘ç█îϼ█î┌║ Ϻ┘êÏ▒ Ï│┘ê┘åϺ ϼ█îϬ█î┌║ !

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