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ItÔÇÖs time to be showered with cash prizes upto USD 222,222 by the Power of 2.

Are you excited and curious to know if you have won? We too are!

UAE Exchange takes immense pleasure in announcing the cash prize winners.

MEGA PRIZE WINNER Mobile Number ending with Prize Won
Muhammad Waseem Muhammad Saleem 5839 USD 122,222.00
Grand PRIZE WINNERS Mobile Number ending with Prize Won
Raja Ratnam Jeya  Paul 5623 USD 10,000.00
Mohammed O K Abu Sharekh 2388 USD 10,000.00
Sukumaran Suresh Sukumaran 1979 USD 10,000.00
Unni Narayanan Chandana Purayil 1926 USD 10,000.00
Ebrahim Mandi Salik 8254 USD 10,000.00
SUPER PRIZE WINNERS Mobile Number ending with Prize Won
Mohammed Sobhy Sobhy Elkhalif 1044 USD 1,000.00
Muhammad Kamran Shamas Uddin 9953 USD 1,000.00
Habib Haider Ghulam Haider 4911 USD 1,000.00
Janice Alpapapra Ramos 9295 USD 1,000.00
Mohammad Ammar Abdel Monem Mansour 2231 USD 1,000.00
Jenny Ann Dela Cruz Parulan 1095 USD 1,000.00
MD Ahad Amin MD Raton 0337 USD 1,000.00
Buangoen Pattakhesa 6474 USD 1,000.00
Munir  Ahmad 0405 USD 1,000.00
Mohammad Rehan Mohammad Rafiq 3674 USD 1,000.00
Anna liza Sanchez Patulot 2380 USD 1,000.00
Raja Sohail Shafiq Raja 8208 USD 1,000.00
Roy Rappai Palamuttam Kurian Palamuttam 1765 USD 1,000.00
Shailesh Manshukal Manshukal 1238 USD 1,000.00
Sowarkamil Abdul Sukkur 2724 USD 1,000.00
Mohammad Sarwar Uddin Azizul Hoque 9446 USD 1,000.00
Gurnad Singh Nishan Singh 8275 USD 1,000.00
Supin Muthar 1550 USD 1,000.00
Jhon Paul Njerinjamppilly 2845 USD 1,000.00
Inderjit Singh Mahesh Singh 0301 USD 1,000.00
Singaravelan ChinnaThambi 6652 USD 1,000.00
Raja Gopalan Ganesan S Rajagopalan 7114 USD 1,000.00
Jerald Julian  D Sa 4070 USD 1,000.00
Achutan  Jagdeesh Chandran 5965 USD 1,000.00
Sujesh  Sujanives 2181 USD 1,000.00
Editha Dela Cruz Jomolo 4268 USD 1,000.00
Ansar  Iqbal Muhammad Zahoor 5024 USD 1,000.00
Vijayan  Balakrishnan 5465 USD 1,000.00
Adil Abdul Lathif 7196 USD 1,000.00
Ranjan Sharma Chandrika Sharma 2621 USD 1,000.00
Amjad  Mohamed Saeed Malik 5692 USD 1,000.00
Ronette Closa Levita 5425 USD 1,000.00
Mohammad  Abdul Gaffar Karuppattithamimul Ansari 5215 USD 1,000.00
Jahangir Hossain Badan Miah 4785 USD 1,000.00
Maria Cristina Moreno Cruz 4572 USD 1,000.00
Peter Nyingi Mbai 5576 USD 1,000.00
Kamrul Islam Jalal Uddin 7971 USD 1,000.00
Younis Masih Allah Rakha 5006 USD 1,000.00
Muhammad Shahzad Muhammad Ashraf 3982 USD 1,000.00
Muhammad Rashid Moppantakath 5175 USD 1,000.00
Ricardo Sepada Baynos 4673 USD 1,000.00
Marwa Alaja Majid 4053 USD 1,000.00
Mohamed Ismail Latheef Mohamed Ismail 0466 USD 1,000.00
Mohammed Solaiman Idrish Meah 6578 USD 1,000.00
Muhammad Hakim Muhammad ashraf 7838 USD 1,000.00
Muhammad Ashraf Muhammad Ismail 2837 USD 1,000.00
Yuba Raj Raj 9317 USD 1,000.00
Shujaat Ali Mairab Khan 6598 USD 1,000.00
Maqdar Ul Islam Talib Hussain 7540 USD 1,000.00
Abduk Raheem Muhammad akram 1518 USD 1,000.00

Congratulations to all the winners! We extend our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to all the participants who made this promotion a huge success.

For any further details or clarification call us on 600 555 550 or email us at customer.service@ae.uaeexchange.com with ÔÇ£Summer Promotion 2016ÔÇØ in the subject line.

Click here to know the Digital Draw winners: http://bit.ly/1UDHt5q

Summer promotion winners

Muscat, 25 July 2016: Oman UAE Exchange, one of the leading remittance and foreign exchange brand in the Sultanate of Oman, announced the relocation of one of its branches. Officially inaugurated, the new branch premise is strategically located at Sara Al Jadeed, Opposite to Al Buraimi Hotel, Buraimi. The move is part of the brandÔÇÖs expansion strategy and will provide customers easy access to their financial needs.

Customers can walk-in and choose from a repertoire of services like instant bank transfers, instant money transfers/overseas cash pay-outs and foreign currency exchange. With five counters in the branch, they will receive prompt and personalised service with minimal time and least hassles.

Oman UAE Exchange Relocates at Buraimi

Speaking on the occasion, Boban MP, CEO, Oman UAE Exchange said, ÔÇ£The branch relocation is in line with our ongoing branch expansion drive and reaffirms our commitment to provide greater convenience, customised services and value additions to the customers.ÔÇØ

Although, the location has changed, the service hasn't. The branch, with its experienced staff and enhanced technology, will operate from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. all days of the week.

For the first time in the UAE, customers have a realistic solution for short-term cash needs

Abu Dhabi, July 24, 2016: In line with its efforts to provide its customers with unique banking products, FGB is launching a new service; a convenient cash solution. As part of its ongoing practice of actively listening to community needs and addressing financial challenges that are being faced by residents and expatriates alike, FGB partnered with UAE Exchange to launch an innovative, efficient solution for customers.

The new service, Advance, offers customers residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) an easy and convenient financial solution to meet immediate short-term cash needs at any time. As part of the agreement signed by both parties, customers will benefit from this new service provided by FGB using the extensive branch network of UAE Exchange across the UAE.

FGBWITHUAEEXCHANGE(L-R) Hana Rostamani, Head of Consumer Banking FGB and Promoth Manghat, CEO UAE Exchange exchanging signed agreement

Girish Advani, Head of Personal Banking at FGB, said: “FGB is always looking for new solutions to provide UAE residents with creative services and products that meet their expectations and financial needs. Based on the feedback we have been receiving from clients, and from what we are hearing from residents, we felt that there was a real need for a service that would provide individuals with access to cash in a quick and immediate manner. We partnered with leading entity, UAE Exchange, and together we have come up with our new Advance service as a result.”

Promoth Manghat, CEO, UAE Exchange, added: “It is a delight to partner with an esteemed organisation like FGB, which shares our vision and values for enhancing customer experience. Our partnership will enable the UAE residents to avail short-term cash advance at any of our close to 150 branches across the UAE, of which 17 are in Dubai metro network. I am sure the accessibility to the customers and the trust which UAE Exchange enjoys among them, adds to this new cash advance convenience, which will bring them immense value in times of need.”

To meet the needs of UAE business owners and support them at each stage, FGB recently enhanced the flexibility of its Business Banking solutions for UAE SMEs, by allowing start-up customers to repay their loans in daily, weekly or monthly installments – a first-of-its-kind feature in the UAE. All FGB Business Banking loans are supported by the unique FGB Business Current Account, which gives customers the flexibility to manage their repayments in the best way possible for their business. The FGB Business Current Account also provides customers with the opportunity to earn interest on their balance.

We are extremely happy to announce winners of Send, Share and Win Contest.

And the winners are…

Mentored by none other than the iconic Dr. B. R. Shetty, Prasanth and Promoth Manghat have played a pivotal role in the growth of NMC Healthcare and UAE Exchange respectively, propelling the companies to scale new heights through acquisitions and consolidations aimed at creating new market giants.

Promoth Manghat

At a glance, Dr B.R. Shetty’s business interests could look more healthcare focused and for good reason. The tycoon’s New Medical Centre or NMC Healthcare as it is more commonly called has been in the limelight for making large strides in the market as it charts an ambitious growth plan that envisions hard core expansion through acquisitions and synergy. But Dr Shetty’s interests are myriad as they range from healthcare, food and beverage and financial services. Aside from healthcare, Dr. Shetty’s interests in the financial services have also grown rapidly. He owns one of the region’s major money transfer firm UAE Exchange along with companies such as Xpress Money and Travelex. Leading the charge in Dr Shetty’s two fast growing portfolios are the brothers Prasanth and Promoth Manghat.

Prasanth Manghat is the Deputy CEO and Board Member of NMC Healthcare while Promoth Manghat is the CEO of UAE Exchange. Chartered accountants by profession, the brothers have helped steer Dr. Shetty’s healthcare and financial services NMC businesses to further growth. Prior to joining the U.A.E. businessman’s team, Prasanth worked at Kotak Mahindra as the Operations Head for Kerala-Tamil Nadu (India) region while Promoth started as the Internal Controls Assistant Manager at Alstom Limited. Promoth joined UAE Exchange in April 2001as an account manager during the company’s entry into India. The opportunity to be through those initial days of the business in India was an extensive learning experience, remarks Promoth. Meeting Dr. Shetty via Promoth later paved Prasanth’s path to NMC Group with the elder Manghat joining NMC in January, 2003. Impressed by a paper presentation by Promoth, Dr. Shetty entrusted him with UAE Exchange’s overall management that saw the younger Manghat brother shift base to the company headquarters in the Emirates in 2003.

Fuelling Growth

With the Manghat brothers in the lead, the last 15 years have been of immense growth and boom to UAE Exchange and NMC. Promoth has played a major role in transforming UAE Exchange into a global company. He served as the firm’s Financial Manager from November 2003 to September 2005 and was later promoted to the position of Vice President—Operations in 2005. In January 2009, he was appointed Vice President—Global Operations and was later promoted as the Deputy CEO in December 2014. He became the CEO of UAE Exchange in March 2015.

Working alongside Dr B R Shetty and Sudhir Kumar Shetty, Promoth propelled the firm to achieve stellar results and spearheaded the brand’s expansion, making UAE Exchange a household name not just in India and the U.A.E. but also in the GCC and America. Today UAE Exchange handles eight billion out of 69 billion NRI’s remits back to India, which is around12-13% of all remits. Promoth today steers a firm that has presence in 31 countries and employ about 8,500 employees. In 2014, he was instrumental in the decision to acquire Travelex, the British money exchange business that added another 1,500 branches and 8,000 employees to Dr Shetty’s financial services portfolio. Jointly, the companies serve around 45 countries. Promoth’s plans for UAE Exchange are nowhere close to a draw. The resourceful CEO is planning to integrate both UAE Exchange and Travelex and is also looking to establish a presence in India’s banking sector in the near future.

Longer Branches, Stronger Roots

Upon his entry into the group in 2003, Prasanth Manghat was entrusted with the role of managing the finances for Dr Shetty’s darling asset—Neopharma. As the only manufacturing company in the entire portfolio of Dr Shetty, Neopharma posed a unique set of challenges that gave Prasanth the experience to steer finances for a long gestation, capital intensive and asset heavy company. By 2009, Neopharma was already amongst the leading generic companies in UAE with exports across 15 countries. Same year he was appointed the Chief Financial Officer of NMC Group. In June 2014, he was elected as NMC’s Board Member and is serving as the Deputy CEO since January 2015.

Prasanth spearheaded the successful listing of NMC Health in the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange and from there on setting the path to achieve the highest honours within the industry. NMC Healthcare raised £117 million (Dh688.5 million), becoming the first company from Abu Dhabi to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 2010, NMC’s equity was $150 million and in just a span of four years, the company’s valuation has multiplied more than 20 times to cross $3 billion.

Chalking out NMC growth plan in the post IPO period, Prasanth embarked on a series of acquisitions aimed at capability building. The acquisitions of Clinica Eugin in Spain and Fakih IVF in Middle East have led to the creation of a strong fertility vertical. Meanwhile the acquisition of Provita has put NMC in the long term acute care market and Americare in the homecare segment. A geographical synergy was also achieved when NMC acquired Sunny Medical Centre.

Business is Beyond Surplus

The Manghat brothers attribute their success to a delicate blend of asset identification skills, business conceptualization, corporate governance, transparency, fundraising, strategy formulation and employee care. Their secret to success is the fine art of corporate negotiating skills something that they continue to imbibe to this day from their mentor Dr B R Shetty and skilfully combine them with their astute financial wisdom.

Prasanth and Promoth, regardless of their feats in their respective businesses, say they are grateful to Dr B.R. Shetty for providing the right opportunity at the right time. Both brothers clearly see Dr Shetty as not their boss but a very helpful mentor. The businessman’s ability to perceive growth beyond profits and his foresight are his mantra for success, says Promoth. According to Prasanth, the business mogul’s ability to analyse a person’s capability and to lead without unduly pressuring his employees are Dr Shetty’s strong traits.

As two sides of the same coin, the Manghat brothers continue to take NMC Healthcare and UAE Exchange to further heights but hold their mentor’s advice of looking beyond profits close to their hearts and minds.

┘ç┘ä ϬϬ┘àϬÏ╣ Ï¿Ï░Ϻ┘âÏ▒Ï® ┘é┘ê┘èϮσ

Ï┤ϺÏ▒┘â ┘àÏ╣┘åϺ ┘ü┘è ┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éÏ® ┘êÏúÏ▒Ï¿Ï¡ ϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓ ┘é┘è┘àÏ® ┘à┘å Ϻ┘äϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓ Ϻ┘äϬϺ┘ä┘èÏ®

  • Ϻ┘äϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® Ϻ┘äÏú┘ê┘ä┘è : Ï│Ϻ┘àÏ│┘ê┘åϼ ϼϺ┘äϺ┘âÏ│┘è    A5
  • Ϻ┘äϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® Ϻ┘äϽϺ┘å┘èÏ®: Ï│Ϻ┘àÏ│┘ê┘åϼ ϼ┘äϺ┘âÏ│┘è ϬϺϿ┘ä┘èϬ 4 7.0 8 ϼ┘èϡϺ
  • Ϻ┘äϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® Ϻ┘äϽϺ┘äϽϮ : Ï│┘àϺÏ╣ϺϬ Ï│┘ê┘å┘è MDRXB450AP Ï¿ÏÁ┘êϬ Ϻ┘ä Bass Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ╣Ï▓Ï▓
  • ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ϫϺÏÁÏ® (┘äÏú┘âϽÏ▒ Ï┤Ï«ÏÁ ┘éϺ┘à Ï¿ÏÑÏ▒Ï│Ϻ┘ä Ï»Ï╣┘êϺϬ ┘äÏúÏÁÏ»┘éϺϪϮ) : Ï│Ϻ┘àÏ│┘ê┘åϼ ϼϺ┘äϺ┘âÏ│┘è A7
  • ϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ϫϺÏÁÏ® Ï│Ϻ┘àÏ│┘ê┘åϼ ϼϺ┘ä┘âÏ│┘è A3  Ï╣┘å ÏÀÏ▒┘è┘é Ï│Ï¡Ï¿ ┘ä┘ä┘àÏ┤ϬÏ▒┘â┘è┘å Ï╣┘å ÏÀÏ▒┘è┘é Ï»Ï╣┘êϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏúÏÁÏ»┘éϺÏí.

┘ç┘ä ϬϬ┘àϬÏ╣ Ï¿Ï░Ϻ┘âÏ▒Ï® ┘é┘ê┘èϮσ

Flip MatchWinArabic

ÏúÏÂÏ║ÏÀ Ï╣┘ä┘ë Ϻ┘äÏ▒ϺϿÏÀ:  http://bit.ly/29MfX7R ┘êϺϻϫ┘ä Ï¿┘èϺ┘åϺϬ┘â ┘ä┘ä┘àÏ┤ϺÏ▒┘â┘ç ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éÏ® ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘üϬÏ▒Ï® ┘à┘å 15 ┘è┘ê┘ä┘è┘ê  Ïº┘ä┘ë 31 ┘è┘ê┘ä┘è┘ê
Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éÏ® Ï╣ϿϺÏ▒Ï® Ï╣┘å ┘àϼ┘à┘êÏ╣Ï® ┘à┘å 36 ┘àÏ▒Ï¿Ï╣
; Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ▒Ï¿Ï╣ϺϬ ϬϡϬ┘ê┘è Ï╣┘ä┘ë 18 Ï▓┘êϼ ┘à┘å Ï▒┘à┘êÏ▓ Ϻ┘äÏ╣┘à┘äϺϬ Ϻ┘ä┘àϫϬ┘ä┘üÏ®
┘â┘ä ┘àϺ Ï╣┘ä┘è┘â ┘ç┘ê Ϻ┘å ϬÏÂÏ║ÏÀ Ï╣┘ä┘ë Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ▒Ï¿Ï╣ Ï│┘ê┘ü ┘èÏ©┘çÏ▒ ┘ä┘â Ï▒┘àÏ▓ Ï╣┘à┘äÏ® ┘êÏ¿Ï╣Ï» Ï░┘ä┘â ϬϬÏÀϺϿ┘é Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ▒Ï¿Ï╣ϺϬ Ϻ┘äϬ┘è ϬϡϬ┘ê┘è Ï╣┘ä┘ë ┘å┘üÏ│ Ï▒┘àÏ▓ Ϻ┘äÏ╣┘à┘äÏ® ┘àÏ╣Ϻ Ï╣┘å ÏÀÏ▒
┘è┘é ϬÏ░┘âÏ▒ ┘à┘âϺ┘å Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ▒Ï¿Ï╣.
┘è┘à┘â┘å┘â Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ┤ϺÏ▒┘âÏ® ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éÏ® Ï¿Ï¡Ï» Ïú┘éÏÁ┘ë 5 ┘àÏ▒ϺϬ ┘ü┘è Ï«┘äϺ┘ä ┘üϬÏ▒Ï® Ϻ┘ä┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éÏ®
┘äϬÏ▓┘èÏ» ┘üÏ▒ÏÁϬ┘â ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘äÏ▒Ï¿Ï¡.
Ï│┘èϬ┘à ϺϫϬ┘èϺÏ▒ ÏúÏ╣┘ä┘ë 3 ┘àÏ┤ϺÏ▒┘â┘è┘å Ϻ┘äÏ░┘è┘å ┘éϺ┘à┘êϺ Ï¿┘àÏÀϺϿ┘éÏ® ┘â┘ä Ϻ┘äÏ╣┘à┘äϺϬ ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘é┘ä ┘ê┘éϬ ┘à┘à┘â┘å ┘ä┘ä┘ü┘êÏ▓ ϿϺ┘äϼ┘êϺϪÏ▓.
┘êϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ϫϺÏÁÏ® ┘äÏú┘âϽÏ▒ Ï┤Ï«ÏÁ ┘è┘é┘ê┘à Ï¿Ï»Ï╣┘êÏ® ÏúÏÁÏ»┘éϺϪϮ ┘ä┘ä┘àÏ│ϺϿ┘éÏ® ┘êϼϺϪÏ▓Ï® ϫϺÏÁÏ® Ï╣┘å ÏÀÏ▒┘è┘é Ï│Ï¡Ï¿ ┘ä┘ä┘àÏ┤ϬÏ▒┘â┘è┘å Ï╣┘å ÏÀÏ▒┘è┘é Ϻ┘äÏ»Ï╣┘êϺϬ.

Ï│┘èϬ┘à Ϻ┘äÏÑÏ╣┘äϺ┘å Ï╣┘å Ϻ┘ä┘üϺϪÏ▓┘è┘å ┘è┘ê┘à 7 ÏúÏ║Ï│ÏÀÏ│ 2016.

Flip, Match & Win!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Do you boast of having a photographic memory?

Then, win the amazing prizes below by playing our currency memory game between 15 and 31 July 2016.

  • 1st Prize: Samsung Galaxy A5
  • 2nd Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 8GB Tablet
  • 3rd Prize: Sony XB450AP Extra Bass Headphones
  • Special Prize (Most Referrals): Samsung Galaxy A7
  • Special Prize (Referred Participant) : Samsung Galaxy A3

Can’t wait to get started? 

Flip Match & Win

Then, click on http://bit.ly/29GNQFH and begin playing by filling the form. A deck of 36 cards / 18 pairs with currency symbols will be placed and you will have to click open each card and match it with its corresponding currency pair by remembering its position.

You can play for a maximum of 5 times during the contest duration to increase your chances of winning. Top 3 participants who match all the pairs within the least possible time will be selected as winners. Refer as many friends as possible, as there are special prizes waiting for both the referrer and the referred participant. The winners will be announced on 7 August 2016.

So go ahead, flip, match and win!

Oman UAE Exchange had some eventful updates the last quarter:

  • The big news is that Oman UAE Exchange opened its first single window branch in Lulu Hyper Market in Sohar!

Lulu mall branchLulu mall branch opening

  • Joining over 1500 loyal customers, Oman UAE Exchange sponsored and organised the Soorya Festival, a musical event in Muscat during April 2016.

sooryaSoorya Festival 2016

  • Recognising that no job is too small, Oman UAE Exchange team visited labour camps, met taxi drivers and sub staff, and presented them with sweets and other gifts on International Labour Day.

Labour DayLabour Day 2016

Last quarter saw a plethora of interesting events at UAE Exchange India.

UAE Exchange interacted and rewarded loyal customers at the Customer Meet event at several of its branches. Thrissur Branch organised an eye camp for customers in association with Vasan Eye Hospital.

customer meetCustomer meet

  • At Bheemgal branch, UAE Exchange helped people beat the heat by providing free drinking water to the public by installing water stalls in front of the office during the month of April.

Fresh drinking water for all at Bheemgal branchFresh drinking water for all at Bheemgal branch

  • Great news is that UAE Exchange is now coming closer to your homes by opening three new branches in Kishangarh, Chidawa and Chomu, Rajasthan.

New branch

  • Kurnool branch of UAE Exchange organised a painting competition and awarded prizes to children between 6 to 12 years in May month.

Prize distributed during the painting competition at Kurnool branchPrize distributed during the painting competition at Kurnool branch

The last couple of months have been quite eventful for UAE Exchange in UAE. The brand conducted several promotions and contests for its customers during the last quarter.

  • Loyal customers who had sent money home to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, won free talk time during April-May 2016.8 customers won free return tickets sponsored by Biman Bangladesh Airlines on the occasion of Bangladeshi New Year, during May 2016.20 customers won free air tickets to Pakistan during the month of May. This contest was applicable for 21 select UAE Exchange branches in the Northern Emirates.

Winners with free air tickets to PakistanWinners with free air tickets to Pakistan

Summer Promotion

  • Lucky customers won cash prizes upto USD 222,222 during our summer promotion contest.

Winners receiving cash prize during our Summer promotionsWinners receiving cash prize during our Summer promotions

  • 5 lucky customers won exciting gifts for their service feedback via Facebook during May month. This gesture was to encourage customers to share their feedback that will result in enhanced customer service and experience.

Customer receiving gifts for their service feedbackCustomer receiving gifts for their service feedback

  • Great news is that more branches of UAE Exchange is coming to your neighbourhood! We’ve opened 4 new branches at Al Quoz Mall, Jebel Ali Parco 2, Old RAK and DAFZA, UAE.

Opening of new branchesOpening of new branches

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