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UAE Exchange recently launched Safe Deposit Locker facility in its Wembley branch, London. Customers can now secure their valuable possessions in lockers that come in two different sizes.

Safe Deposit Locker inauguration at Wembley Branch CollageSafe Deposit Locker inauguration at Wembley Branch

  • The brand also tied up with Gaylord Restaurant, London to offers its Gold Card customers the following discounts:
    • 40% discount on à la carte lunch bill
    • 20% discount on à la carte dinner bill
    • 20% discount on takeaway bill
    • Complimentary bottle of wine along with the above discounts applicable for lunch or dinner reservations (for 4 people) on special occasions.

Delicious offers for Gold Card customersDelicious offers for Gold Card customers

  • Between March and May, the brand also chose lucky customers who registered for services and gave free EROS premium package subscription worth £5.99/month.

3.1 EROS M2A PromotionEROS Contest 2016

  • To express solidarity towards the Filipino community, UAE Exchange joined the 118th Philippines Independence Day celebration organised by the South Dublin Filipino Association (SDFA).

Philippines Independence Day celebrationsPhilippines Independence Day celebrations

UAE Exchange celebrated the month of Ramadan by involving in the act of giving. In this regard, the brand rewarded its loyal customers with a chance to win Haier Flat screen 32’’ TV sets from 2 June 2016 to 7 July 2016. 

haier tvRamadan Contest 2016

UAE Exchange organised a couple of socio-environmental activities in Hong Kong the last quarter:

  • On the occasion of International Labour Day and Chinese New Year, UAE Exchange treated its beloved customers with gifts, as a gesture of appreciation for the value they add to our society.

Labour day2Labour day

chinese new yearChinese New Year

  • The brand organised an anti-tobacco drive by providing chocolates and milk cartons to all customers who pledged to quit tobacco on 31 May 2016, International Anti-Tobacco Day. These initiatives were taken to spread awareness about the ill-effects of tobacco, thereby persuading customers to quit tobacco as soon as possible.

Say no to tobacco and yes to chocolate and milkSay no to tobacco and yes to chocolate and milk

UAE Exchange conducted an eclectic mix of events for its customers in Bahrain, last quarter.

  • The brand tied up with Malabar Gold and offered Gold Card customers, special discounts on gold jewellery.

Our partnership with Malabar GoldOur partnership with Malabar Gold

  • A series of get-togethers were organised for labour camps the last quarter. One was for over 1000 Egyptian families at Samarkand camp in Sakhir Area. Another was arranged at the Salt and Pepper Restaurant, Sanad Area for workers from 60 different labour camps.

get together

  • In April, a Cricket Tournament in Budhaiya Grounds was conducted to spread awareness on the need for staying fit. The brand also organised a free medical check-up in association with Aster Medical Centre.

Meet the Cricket teamMeet the Cricket team

Team at the medical check up campTeam at the medical check-up camp

  • On International Labour Day, 1 May 2016, as an appreciation towards the Labour Force’s contribution towards the society, goody bags filled with food and merchandise were distributed to several workers in the city.

On International Labour dayOn International Labour day

Eid Mubarak!

Tuesday, 05 July 2016

Instilling values of harmony, gratitude and social responsibility, Eid-ul- Fitr is an occasion to reflect and begin implementing the values learnt during the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with their family and friends by offering prayers, feasting on lip- smacking delicacies and giving alms to the less privileged.

Joyfully greeting each other ‘Eid Mubarak’, let’s spread love, peace and togetherness, which is the true spirit of Eid!

Eid Mubarak

Manama, 30 June 2016: Nine expatriates in Bahrain are overjoyed with their win in the second draw of UAE Exchange Khairat Ramadan promotion.

“This Ramadan has become all the more special for my family and me with this surprise win. I have been sending money from UAE Exchange for four years and this is the first time I have won such a grand prize. Thank you is all I can say at the moment,” said Omar Mohammed from Lebanese who won a home theatre system in the second draw of Khairat Ramadan.

Khairat Ramadan 2nd Draw

The electronic draw was conducted in the presence of senior officials of UAE Exchange. Winners were presented with branded home appliances that included home theatre system, air conditioner, television set, refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, gas stove, iron box and kettle.

To participate in the promotion which is on till August 2016, customers need to send money through any of the 13 branches of UAE Exchange in Bahrain.

The third draw will be held on 13 July 2016.

Winners of Khairat Ramadan Second Draw

S. No. Customer Name Nationality
1 Omar Mohammed Manassaki Lebanese
2 Kristi Lynn  Syjut Armenian
3 Bilal Jennan Arunasingham  Ambikapathy Australian
4 Eman Khalid Ali Mohamed Sh Hasan Alansari Bahraini
5 Navas Champat  Kuzhi Parambil Indian
6 Aswathy Elizabeth  Jacob Indian
7 Raghuraman  Ramachandran Indian
8 Nadim So Amanullaasadi Indian
9 Shamsher Singh  Kashmir Singh Indian

’الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة‘ توسع نطاق شراكتها مع بنك الاسكندرية لتوفير مزيد من الراحة والسرعة للعملاء في مصر

القاهرة – 26 يونيو 2016:  أعلنت شركة ’الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة‘، شركة الخدمات المالية الرائدة عالمياً في مجال الصرافة والحوالات المالية وحلول الدفع، عن توسيع نطاق شراكتها مع ’بنك الاسكندرية‘ بما يتيح للعملاء الآن إمكانية استلام حوالاتهم المالية بالدولار الأمريكي أو الجنيه المصري على الفور في فروع البنك. ويندرج تطوير هذه الخدمة في إطار حرص ’الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة‘على تقديم الخدمات الأفضل والأكثر سهولة لعملائها، إذ كانت الخدمة قبل توسيع نطاقها مقتصرة حصراً على السماح للعملاء في مصر بتلقي الأموال على شكل حوالات مصرفية مباشرة بعد 24 -48 ساعة من إرسالها.

وفي سياق تعليقه على الخطوة، قال بروموث مانجات، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة ’الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة‘: "تتلخص رؤيتنا في السعي الدائم لتحقيق الامتياز في مختلف البلدان التي لنا تواجد فيها، حيث نحرص على إرساء وتمتين الروابط مع مختلف المصارف الرائدة مثل ’بنك الاسكندرية‘ بهدف توفير خدمات إضافية تعود بمنافع ملموسة على كافة الأطراف وترتقي بتجربة العملاء. نحن ملتزمون بالتطوّر الدائم، لذلك نعمل بشكل متواصل على تحسين الخدمات التي نتيحها لعملائنا مع توسيع رقعة حضورنا الإقليمية في الوقت عينه. وفي هذا الإطار، مصر هي من أبرز الأسواق في المنطقة بالنسبة لنا، ويسرّنا أن نزوّد عملائنا فيها بخدمات أكثر راحة وسلاسة".

uae exchange alexandria bank

وتأتي التسهيلات الجديدة لاستلام الحوالات المالية كتأكيد على عمق العلاقة بين ’الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة‘ و’بنك الاسكندرية‘، والتي تعود جذورها إلى عام 1980. وتعليقا على ذلك، قال عبد الكريم الكايد، مدير عام ’الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة‘: "تظهر أبحاثنا بأن العملاء يتوقون إلى خدمات أكثر راحة وسرعة، وبالتالي فإن توسيع نطاق شراكتنا مع ’بنك الاسكندرية‘ سيسمح للعملاء بالحصول على الحوالات في اليوم ذاته بدلاً من انتظار وصولها إلى حسابهم البنكي. هذا النوع من الخدمات هو جزء رئيسيّ من طموحنا الدائم نحو تقديم الأفضل لعملائنا والعمل وفق مبدأ التركيز على احتياجات العملاء. نحن فخورون للغاية بهذه الشراكة، لاسيما وأن ’بنك الاسكندرية‘ يتطلع قدماً إلى التعاون معنا على إطلاق مبادرات مستقبليّة هدفها تعزيز تجربة العملاء".

ومن جانبه، قال باسل رحمي، عضو مجلس الإدارة التنفيذى ورئيس قطاعي التجزئة المصرفية والمشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة في ’بنك الإسكندرية‘: "يسرّنا أن نتيح مزيداً من الراحة لعملائنا عبر توسيع نطاق شراكتنا مع شركة ’الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة‘. نجح ’بنك الاسكندريّة‘ ببناء سمعة قياديّة رائدة تعزّزت بفضل ثقة العملاء وخدمة العملاء على أعلى مستوى ونحن فخورون بأننا نتعامل مع شركاء من مستوى عالمي مثل شركة ’الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة‘ التي تساعدنا على تقديم مزيد من القيمة لعملائنا".

وتنطوي إمكانية إرسال الأموال من الإمارات إلى مصر على أهمية استراتيجية كبيرة بالنسبة للبلدين، ولاسيما بالنسبة لمصرّ نظراً لمساهمة هذه الحوالات في دعم الاقتصاد المصري علماً أن الحوالات كانت قد ساهمت بنسبة6,8% من الناتج المحلي الإجمالي لمصر في عام 2014، مما يعكس دورها الهام في الاقتصاد المصري. وتشير إحصاءات البنك الدولي في عام 2016 إلى أن مصر كانت قد تلقت تحويلات ماليّة وصلت إلى 19,7 مليار دولار في العام 2015، كانت جصّة دولة الإمارات منهاحوالي 1.83 مليار دولار أمريكي.

ومن الجدير بالذكر أن شركة الإمارات العربيّة المتحدة للصرافة كانت قد شهدت ارتفاعاً سنويا في التحويلات الماليّة عبر شبكتها إلى مصر بنسبة بلغت 14.4%.

Manama, 27 June 2016: The holy month of Ramadan is all about sharing and caring. Celebrating this spirit with the elderly women and men of an old age home was UAE Exchange who hosted a Grand Iftar at the Muharraq Old Age Home in Bahrain.

Present on the occasion were MP Ahmed Abdul Wahid Qarata (Member of Parliament for the Second Circuit district of the capital Manama - Kingdom of Bahrain) and Ms. Wafaa Al-Shroogi (Senior Social Specialist - Muharraq Social Welfare Center) as Chief Guests along with the inmates of the old age home, media personnel and officials of UAE Exchange.

Speaking on the occasion, Vineesh Kumar, General Manager, UAE Exchange-Bahrain said, “We believe in taking care of the society we live in and Ramadan is one of those festive occasions which enables us to spread happiness around. It was a joy to see these elderly revel in the spirit and partake in the Iftar, motivating us to engage with them more and bring a smile on their face.”

Iftar Meet in BahrainIftar Meet BahrainIftar Meet Bahrain

Manama, 27 June 2016: A healthy mind and body equals to a healthy and happy life. UAE Exchange in association with Aster Medical Centre organised a two-day general health screening camp for its 30 staff at Gudaibiya, Bahrain.

Speaking on the occasion, Vineesh Kumar, General Manager, UAE Exchange-Bahrain said, “The aim behind this camp was to create awareness among our staff on the various prevalent health issues which they tend to ignore because of their busy schedules, ultimately resulting in to a lot of stress and significantly higher health risk. Hence, it was important to educate them on the need to keep fit and lead a balanced life.”

Consultation with doctors along with tests such as blood sugar, cholesterol, ECG, and Chest x-ray, urine routine, audiology, eye check-up were conducted at the camp.

Health Check up Camp

Extends relationship with ALEXBANK to improve customer service and convenience

Dubai, 27 June 2016: Global remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand UAE Exchange further strengthened its tie-up with ALEXBANK, one of the leading private sector banks in Egypt, by providing customers the convenience to pick up remitted funds in USD or EGP at the bank’s counters. Prior to the service upgrade, customers in Egypt could only access remitted funds through a direct bank transfer that would take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours.

“It is our quest to excel in all markets that drives us to improve customer experience by providing them with easy financial solutions with greater convenience. Egypt is an important remittance market for us in MENA region and we are delighted to have ALEXBANK support us in introducing new value added services for the benefit of the customers,” said Promoth Manghat, Chief Executive Officer, UAE Exchange.

uae exchange alexandria bank

The new cash pickup facilities complement the relationship between UAE Exchange and ALEXBANK that was first inked in 1980. “Our research shows that customers want immediacy and convenience. With the extension of our partnership with ALEXBANK, customers can pick up funds the very same day instead of waiting for money to be transferred into a bank account. This value-adding service forms part of the brand’s ethos of creating a customer-centric culture and the bank welcomes working with us towards initiatives that improve the customer experience,” said Abdul Karim Alkayed, General Manager, UAE Exchange.

Bassel Rahmy- Chief of Retail and SME Banking Group at ALEXBANK said, “We are pleased to extend further convenience to our customers through an extension of our partnership with UAE Exchange. ALEXBANK has built a leadership reputation through trust and customer service, and we are pleased that we have partners, who help us deliver greater value to our clients.”

Remittances play an important role in Egypt’s economy, contributing 6.8 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014. The UAE to Egypt remittance corridor is a strategically important one for both countries. 2016 World Bank figures show that Egypt received an estimated USD 19.7 billion in remittances from the world over in 2015, of which USD 1.83 billion came from the UAE.

UAE Exchange witnessed a 14.4 per cent YoY increase in remittance transactions to Egypt in Q1 2016.


Established in 1957 and a proud member of the Intesa SanPaolo Group since 2007, today ALEXBANK is one of Egypt’s leading private sector banks. As No.1 in retail assets market share, ALEXBANK also owns one of the largest private sector branch networks in the country, with a total of 170 branches located in every major Egyptian governorate and more than 5,000 employees.

ALEXBANK is proud to serve over 1.5 million customers, playing a vital role in Egypt’s economic present and future. Every day ALEXBANK serves customers from all segments by providing value added financial products, services and solutions to Corporate, SME, Small Business and Retail Customers.

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