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    Educating customers on usage of cashless wallets

    India welcomed 2017 with hopeful anticipations on going cashless and becoming digitally enabled. Supporting the cause and with a mission to go 100% digital, we decided to prepare our customers for the same.

    After the workshop in one of the villages on going cashless

    We participated and conducted several workshop sessions on cashless transactions and the usage of XPay Wallet. Educating people on the ease of transacting via digital modes was indeed challenging.

    Educating customers on healthy finances body and soul

    We also met our customers from Erode, Rajaji Nagar and Virudhachalam to spread awareness, on maintaining healthy finances, body and soul.

    During our blood donation camp

    As part of us being socially responsible, we conducted blood donation camps and yoga workshops.

    Distributing computers in Mancombu School

    Understanding that students are the future pillars of digital India, we distributed computers and classroom aids to students at Avitoom Tirunal Higher Secondary School, Mancombu.

    Providing educational scholarships

    We also provided educational scholarships to meritorious students who were underprivileged from Government schools at Adimaly and Mullassery.

    Striving for Polio free India

    Eradicating polio has been a worldwide effort since many years. Supporting India’s vision to be certified as a polio-free nation, by World Health Organisation (WHO), we conducted pulse polio camps in Hyderabad on National Immunisation Day.

    Regional Office inauguration at Kannur

    Customer service being our currency, we wanted to spread our wings to service more customer. So , we opened and inaugurated a new regional office at Kannur and clubbed the New Year celebration with it.

    Agra branch inauguration

    To serve customers better, we also shifted the Agra branch to Shop No.12, 13, Building no. 18 /149B Kareem Complex, Opposite Pizza Hut, Fatehabad Road Agra- 282001.

    Visit us soon!

    Spreading awareness on the usage of legal remittance channels

    Haven’t we all heard countless incidences on how expats lost their hard-earned cash to illegal remittances channels such as hawala or hundi system , illegal brokers and middlemen? It’s heart-breaking when your dear ones wait for money that has been robbed on its way!

    At the infotainment show to spread awareness on the dangers of illegal remittance channels

    In order to bring to a grinding halt, the bane of illegal money transfer methods, we conducted an Infotainment show in Barka, Gulfar Camp. We educated people on how they can save money while remitting via legal channels and the dangers of illegal remittance methods. The attendees were so glad and grateful to us for spreading the awareness.

Fighting illegal remittance channels in Oman!

    Visiting our customers

    Party atmosphere reigned supreme as stunning pyromusical lights lit up the skies of Hong Kong, this New Year.

    We commenced this splendid year by welcoming our customers with gifts, chocolates and calendars. We also handed over gifts baskets to our corporate client as a tribute to their cooperation and support.

  • At the Juffair Mall Oasis Mall Riffa and Ramli Mall

    2017 opened up with pomp and celebrations in Bahrain. We recollected the best moments of 2016 and were filled with hopeful anticipations for the year ahead.

    As a thankful gesture, we welcomed our first customer for 1 January 2017 with flowers and gifts. In addition to this, we set out to meet and greet the people at Juffair Mall, Oasis Mall, Riffa and Ramli Mall as well as on the neighbouring streets.

    Rewarding our loyal customers bahrain

    It was such a great moment for us. We still wanted to go and reach out to more people. So we headed to the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Camp in Hidd and the MPI camp. As part of greeting them, we handed over several gifts and calendars.

    At the Zalmi Cricket Club

    Bahrain’s passion for cricket is beyond anything . Hence we encouraged their spirit by sponsoring the Zalmi Cricket Club, a Bahrain chapter of Peshawar Zalmi (PZ). PZ is one of the franchisees in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), which is a professional T20 men’s cricket league.

    Soulful performance of the vocalist and violinist sister duo

    The people of Bahrain love music and dance. Especially classic Carnatic music that never loses its sheen even in today’s westernised society. Time stood still while the vocalist and violinist sister duo, Ranjani and Gayatri rendered their soulful musical combo, at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Diplomatic Area on 20 January 2017.

    With the legendary Pankaj Udhas at Watan Se

    On a lighter peppy note, we sponsored WATAN SE, which was Pankaj Udhas-Live in Concert, held at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Diplomat Area, Bahrain on 27 January 2017. The audience were spell-bound by the heavenly music.

We are very excited to announce the winners of this Nationality Quiz Game.

Winner Name Mobile Number ending with Prize
  Mary Grace Mendoza Dillomas   9086

Sony PS4

Lilian Waheed 4227 HTC Desire 820 G
Terence Dcosta 4352 Cash Voucher AED 250 or Equivalent

Congratulations to all the winners! We extend our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to all the participants who made this contest a huge success.

Winners are requested to send us their full name, address, contact number, email-id and a copy of identity proof to with ÔÇÿNationality Quiz Game 2017ÔÇÖ in the subject line.

Feb contest

World Happiness Day

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

  • Happiness day
  • Happiness day

    Every woman tells herself this lie. You think you are not smart enough? You think you are not skillful enough? You think someone could do your job better? Well, you are wrong! You are not in competition with anyone – you just have to be better than what you were before. You are enough!

  • Happiness day

    You are ‘supposed’ to easily manage both family and career, only if you want to, there is no compulsion! What does your heart want – a nursery room or the boardroom? Or, maybe something completely different! It’s for you to choose. So do what you want to, whatever makes you happy and gives you peace.

  • Happiness day

    The concept of ‘biological clock’ was probably made up by old busy bodies or chauvinist scientists with a mission to drive women crazy! Yes, we understand, hormones are hormones, but having a child or not, does not define a woman. Let things happen when they have to happen or if you wish, then never to happen – it’s your womb, your body and your decision, society has nothing to say about it.

  • Happiness day

    No, not really, because the onus of maintaining peace does not lie on your shoulders alone. It’s understandable if you wish to apologise for something you did wrong, but apologising because you think that’s what you are supposed to do and that it’s your duty is wrong on so many levels. Own your decisions and move on.

  • Happiness day
  • Happiness day

Around the World Updates

Friday, 14 September 2018

┬áMoments of Celebrations, Contests and Community Outreach ÔÇô An Update from the Global Network of UAE Exchange

At the Bahrain Chapter of ICAI

Challenges, Opportunities, Fun and Celebrations in Bahrain

At the Digitalisation Training Programme India

Facilitating Digital Drives in India

At the 50 over Cricket tournament

Bringing Socio-Economic Reforms and Cricket in Rwanda

Feasting at the food festival Uganda

UAE Exchange Uganda Participates in Food Festival


Emerging resilient after the demonetisation ruffle, India had an adorable December this year. Youth power ruled the roost, cracking social and communal issues through social media and technology. Speaking of technology, the way our youth handled finances, payments, money transfer through digital wallets was beyond amazing. They were practical ambassadors for digital, cashless India. We wanted to do our bit to help them understand the nuances of cash wallet usage, so that they can derive maximum benefits from the same. We reached out and conducted digitalisation training programmes and currency workshops for the students at United Theology College (UTC) in Bangalore Mount Carmel School in Mangalore and at the Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samiti (KVVES) in Kotakkal . Understanding the importance of education and the gripes of the meritorious but underprivileged students, we provided scholarships to children from St. JosephÔÇÖs GLP & UPS school in Manacherry.

At the Digitalisation training programme

Student Workshop

Interacting with the future of India

Wondering why and how we are qualified to educate our youth on digital wallets. Here you go!

We are recipients of IndiaÔÇÖs highest independent civilian honour, Skoch New Economy Award 2016, for our XPay Cash Wallet. Our digital wallet was rated as the 3rd best among top 100 nominated projects, in serving the country well with the digital payment facilities.
We also won the VPN IBE Award 2016, which is the Business Excellence award for Customer Focus.

Proud recipient of Skotch Awards

At the VPN IBE Award 2016

Displaying our XPay Wallet

But isnÔÇÖt travel the best teacher?

It broadens our mind, develops cultural empathy and helps young people develop tolerance to diversity, which is the pressing need of the hour! Realising all this, we organised an extravaganza of 10 day tour package (Delhi-Agra-Shimla and Manali) for the students of medical college, Trivandrum. The students were delighted to the core.

Getting ready to travel with us

A healthy fit body is of utmost importance to support a healthy mind. What better way to develop a fit sound body, than play football and cricket? ThatÔÇÖs why we sponsored the football tournament at Bambrana Kumbla and the cricket match organised by the Indian Dental Association- Dakshina Kannada. And we also conducted a free eye check-up camp and distributed medicines to customers as part of our CSR initiatives.

At the football match at Bambrana Kumbla

At theCricket match by Indian Dental Association

Guess what?

Bodhan branch celebrated its 4th Anniversary with much pomp and fanfare, and the Mananthavady branch shifted to new premises for customer convenience.

4th Anniversary celebrations at Bodhan branch

Inauguration of Mananthavady branch

Now whatÔÇÖs December without Christmas? We brought Santa on wheels, to distribute gifts to all patrons across branches in Kerala!

Santa on wheels

Quite an eventful December, isnÔÇÖt it?

This December, the warm winter sun shone brightly in the land of a million palm trees, Bahrain. Believing that every challenge is an opportunity, this great nation has achieved several strides this year, thus instilling hope in the heart of every expat. At the 8th Annual International Conference conducted by the Bahrain Chapter of ICAI (BCICAI) at Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, several rounds of discussions happened on how ÔÇ£Challenges Creates OpportunitiesÔÇØ and how we need to cash in on the same. UAE Exchange Bahrain sponsored and participated in this conference, on 2 and 3 December 2016.

At the Bahrain Chapter of ICAI

Standing high on the spirit of facing challenges, waving flags, carrying red and white balloons, proud Bahrainis sported T shirts, jackets, scarves, and caps that read ÔÇ£I Love BahrainÔÇØ! With such pride, Bahrainis commemorated and celebrated their freedom from the British, on Bahrain National Day (16 December 2016).

We too joined hands with the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC), to celebrate the Bahrain National Day on 23 December 2016 at Indian School, Isa Town. The gathering of over 1500 people enjoyed the cultural performances of the school children.

During the Bahrain National Day celebrations


Sports and Bahrain are inseparable. Though football is most popular, other sports such as athletics, basketball, cricket, rugby, horse racing and motorsports have been ruling the roost too. BahrainÔÇÖs Maryam Yusuf Jamal, was the first female athlete from a Persian Gulf nation to win an Olympic medal in 2012. What else could stand as a better testimony?

One of the most thrilling football championships, Yuva Cup 2016 was conducted between 15 and 18 December 2016 at the Busaiteen Sports Club, Muharraq. We sponsored and participated in this really exciting tournament where the YUVA Team and KMCC team stood neck to neck, and finally the Yuva team won the match. The feeling was insane.

Proudly holding the Yuva Football Cup


It was not just football that made us feverish this December, we caught the cricket fever too and participated in the TISCA Cricket tournament conducted at the Busaiteen Ground on 23 December 2016. Apart from this, we also went sponsored mainstream athletics such as 500 meters, 100 meters, shot put, long jump tournaments, held at the Pravasi sports meet in Ahli club.

Bowled over at the TISCA cricket tournament

During the Pravasi Sports Meet

Is there anyone who can escape the fanfare and the festivities associated with Christmas? Even the grumpy Grinch fell for Christmas at the end. A season for sharing and giving, we celebrated Christmas at the neighbourhood camps and had fun with the people around.

Bahrain Our Christmas Celebrations

Such a fun way to wrap up 2016 with!

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