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UAE Exchange India addressed the Digital Money 2016 conference organised by Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) on the topic ÔÇÿUses & Business case for faster Corporate PaymentsÔÇÖ.

Addressing the IAMAI Digital Money 2016

UAE Exchange India added several feathers to its cap, by winning numerous awards and tournaments!

Winning all the way

We inaugurated a new branch in Kundapur, Karnataka on 10 October 2016.

Inaugurating new branch in Kundapur

We also celebrated our 36th anniversary with much fanfare. We also participated in the Ananthapuri Nritha Sangeetha Fest, a musical treat in Pattom and in the annual day celebration of Pushpagiri medical college in Thiruvalla.

UAE Exchange India Ernakulam region participated in Haritholsavam 2016 during the World Egg Day celebration from 8 to 12 October 2016.


UAE Exchange India sponsored events such as the IRC ÔÇô ICSI conference meet in Kochi, the 72nd South India Shuttle Badminton Ranking Tournament at CSN Cultural Trust Ottapalam and the the Kanjirapilly Young MenÔÇÖs Association, Varnapakittu programme. 

At IRC ICSI conference meet

Sponsoring the badminton tournament

Sponsoring KYMA Varnapakittu

Excited about the UAE National Day celebrations happening around you?

Now get ready to win the amazing prizes mentioned below:

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  • 2nd Prize-Samsung Galaxy A3
  • 3rd Prize-500 AED Cash Voucher

Click on and answer simple questions about the places to visit, and the history of the UAE (as fast as you can), between 27 November and 4 December 2016. DonÔÇÖt forget to like us on Facebook and refer as many friends as possible. The winners will be announced on 6 December 2016.

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UAE Exchange Kenya gifted and appreciated its customers during the Customer Service Week and the 36th Anniversary celebrations.

Celebrating Customer Service Weekkenya

During the 36th Anniversary Celebration

UAE Exchange Jordan brought smiles on the faces of the less privileged school children at Ein Karem School Association in Amman. Children enjoyed themselves with balloons, face painting and cartoon characters. We also distributed schools bags to them.

 Reaching out to the children

UAE Exchange Hong Kong had great fun with customers during its 36th Anniversary and Customer Service Week Celebrations. We conducted dart games and shared sweets, cupcakes and gift coupons with our customers.

During our 36th Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrating Customer Service Week

We also pleasantly surprised our corporate customers by visiting them in their premises with gifts.

Visiting our customers at their premises

Are you an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, but not enough money to turn your idea into a profitable finished product or service?

While banks may have teams dedicated to financing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), that option may not be suitable for entrepreneurs just starting a business. To mitigate their own risk, banks will ask for guarantee or collaterals. These are difficult for entrepreneurs to furnish early in the business cycle.

So what can you do? 

Crowd Funding new

You can try other practical alternatives to bank finance. One such great option is crowdfunding. Having emerged as a saviour for start-ups with promising ideas, crowdfunding attract small denomination capital from many people. All you have to do is, use technology to pitch your ideas to a large audience. The crowdfunding revolution was sparked by the very successful, which by November 2016 had funded over 115,745 successful projects and raised over USD 2.7 billion in pledged money.

Crowdfunding comes in three basic flavours ÔÇô donation or reward-based, debt-based, and equity-based. Reward-based crowdfunding, as popularised by, sees investors give money to promising ideas based on the premise that the project creator will reward them with finished goods and services. For debt-based crowdfunding, the creator or entrepreneur promises to pay back the money borrowed. Meanwhile, equity-based crowdfunding sees the entrepreneur give away a stake in the business to each contributor.

UAE based start-up Beehive enables debt-based peer-to-peer lending. The idea is that investors lend money to promising businesses, and get returns on the capital they have invested. Start-ups benefit from lower capital-raising costs, while investors enjoy higher than average rates of return.

On the other hand, UAE based start-up Eureeca uses technology to enable its investor network to buy shares in promising businesses. These investors range from friends, family and casual investors to angel investors, venture capital funds and institutional investors.

Crowdfunding isnÔÇÖt the only venue available to entrepreneurs. But it certainly is helping plug a large financing gap. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) estimates a USD 2.7 trillion gap in funding for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in developing countries alone, with the MENA region alone needing an additional USD 320 billion in credit for MSMEs.

So if youÔÇÖre in the early stages of bringing your start-up to life, try crowdfunding. ItÔÇÖs a powerful addition to your capital-raising toolbox.

One of the biggest woes of any traveller - business or leisure ÔÇô is understanding the fluctuation in exchange rates. As most people prefer to exchange or withdraw cash at their destination, being aware of the currency exchange rates is highly critical, in order to avoid losing money. For a layperson, it might be challenging to understand and appreciate the rise and fall of currencies. So how do you wave good bye to your forex worries?

Here is the great news! With the revolutionary exchange rate-lock facility offered by gocash multicurrency prepaid travel card, you can manage foreign currency and travel hassle-free. This card also pegs the rate at the prevalent market price at the time of loading the card, so you know exactly what you have available to spend across services such as hotels, restaurants, shops and so on.

Go Cash

Powered by MasterCard and an advanced chip-and-pin technology, gocash card works like your regular Credit/Debit Card, giving you easy access to 34.3 million MasterCard-enabled merchant locations and 1.5 million bank ATMs around the world.

WhatÔÇÖs more? You can use it for online purchases too!

All you have to do is load your gocash card with money and travel the world. Remember you can load upto 6 currencies at a time (out of 16 currencies) and travel the world, without losing cash.

Transferring money online is getting very popular these days, as it allows you to send money within a few clicks on your laptop or a few taps on your smartphone. Though the experience may look rocky to the first-timers, once you're used to sending money using email address or a phone number, it will be really convenient.

But is it really safe? Did you know that when you transact online, you can open the doors to identity theft and fraudulent transactions?

The rate at which online financial frauds take place is really alarming. One of the contributory factor for the increased pace of these scams is the ÔÇÿon-the-goÔÇÖ lifestyles and the ÔÇÿat the click of a buttonÔÇÖ revolution. Banks and financial institutions keep churning out apps and online services that make enthusiastic non-alert users, a vulnerable target group.

online money transfer

Here are three reasons why online money transfer may not be always safe:

1. Some online portals may not be SSL & VeriSign certified, thus allowing hackers to steal personal data and credentials.

2. The online money transfer portal may not be audited on a regular basis.

3. Most people are unaware that their passwords have to be changed regularly and that the password saving options has to be switched off on their browser.

With, a UAE Exchange online portal for transferring money promptly, you can be rest assured of the safety of your transaction. Both, the online portal and mobile app uses the latest Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology that prevents any unauthorised person from accessing your account. This is done by encrypting all your data, activity and password. It is regularly monitored by Norton Security to keep your information safe and confidential.

As part of its security feature, also offers transparency in transactions as you get to monitor transactions as they happen. This way you can have better control over the remittance procedure. Security features are interwoven into remittance delivery modes as well.

So, when it comes to sending money through, you can sit back and transfer money with peace of mind, anywhere across the globe.

Remember the time when letters and postcards were the only source of connection between expats and their loved ones back home? Today, in addition to the geographic distance, work commitments and tight deadlines have doubled the expanse between expats and their families. This is felt more during special occasions and festivals, when all family members commune to celebrate except the beloved bread-winner working abroad.

Sometimes the absence is felt so much that there is a possibility of it getting misunderstood as indifference. So how do you show your family you miss them?

One special way to express your love is to send a timely gift, memento or even cash thatÔÇÖll make them miss you more! And show them you care. ItÔÇÖs more than just a timely money transfer on payday. ItÔÇÖs about showing your family that you care and participate in their happiness, the very reason you chose to work abroad.

UAE Exchange believes in going that extra mile to make you realise your intentions. The team and processes do everything in their purview to bring your aspirations and efforts to life. In simple and easy steps at our exchange centres, geographic distances are made much smaller, helping you to offer so much more even though youÔÇÖre away during important occasions .

Money Transfer

According to world population, almost 90% of UAE residents are immigrants. This statistic not only implies the number of people that need to transfer money back home, it also talks about the number of people who live far away from their families, making it crucial for them to feel the closest they can to their loved ones.

UAE Exchange offers services like no other, which makes connection with your friends and family as easy as being a message away. With a strong presence in 31 countries across 5 continents, and having 800 branches in the world, we ensure you feel connected and closer to home than ever before.

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