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Bringing socio-economic reforms, cricket and celebrations in Rwanda

Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are like a super powerful rocket fuel, which can propel any campaign, news or awareness to unimaginable heights with unfathomable speed. The power of going viral is something that’s hard to contain. Countries such as Rwanda is one of the fastest growing countries in Information & Communications Technology (ICT). So understanding our customers, we have utilised social media in every way to help bring about a socio-economic transformation in their society. Recognising our services, East Africa Youth Development Agency awarded us with Social Media SMART Awards, 2016 for Best Financial Institution of the Year and Best Brand of the Year. What an honourable moment for us? We celebrated this feat at the Serena Hotel in Kigali!

Receiving the smart awards

Do you know how much the Rwandans love cricket?

Eric Dusingizimana, the captain Rwanda’s National Cricket team, broke the Guinness World Record after batting for 51 hours straight, in order to raise funds for the first cricket stadium! Understanding their passion for the game, we sponsored the 50-over cricket tournament and encouraged their spirit of sportsmanship.

At the 50 over Cricket tournament

The month of December and the Christmas cheer are inseparable buddies. Cheerfully wishing “Noheli Nziza”, Rwandans celebrate this beautiful season, by sharing and giving. Imbibing this spirit, we celebrated this wonderful time with underprivileged children, sharing gifts, school supplies and a grand feast to spread the cheer of Yuletide. We also played Santa by sponsoring a Christmas carnival for the children, who had so much fun at the games center.

Celebrating X mas with the children

Reaching out to the needy children

Such a great way to bid goodbye to 2016!

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