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Limo ride, 5-star life for UAE Exchange workers

Monday, 09 May 2016
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UAE Exchange treated their employees like kings on Labour Day

Have you ever noticed that when you come to your workplace, the whole place looks spotless and tidy? The litter gone, washrooms are clean and well-stocked, the stack of papers we want copied, refilled or delivered is done and that the wobbling chair we complained about a day before suddenly doesn't wobble anymore.

Sounds familiar? A lot of us fail to realize that an entire body of support staff works early mornings and sometimes late at night to keep our offices clean and well maintained so that our work is made that much easier. These people are present in every organisation, sometimes unseen and most of the times silent, ensuring that our time in office is productive and effective.

workersday by uaeexchange

We hardly ever notice them or acknowledge them, let alone talking to them until and unless something stops working or some work not done. But on May 1, International Worker's Day, the UAE Exchange decided to give these workers their due. It honoured those individuals who work behind-the-scenes through a worldwide campaign called 'No Job Too Small - #iSalute'.

As part of the campaign, the brand planned different activities across its global operations, photographs and videos of which are all posted on the UAE Exchange Facebook page with #iSalute.

In the UAE, some of the employees of UAE Exchange got out on the streets of Abu Dhabi during the day (May 1) and looked for support workers to personally salute and reward them for their efforts. Goodies were handed out to security personnel, civil maintenance workers, office boys, construction workers and taxi drivers. Later in the evening, the brand's office support staff were treated to an exclusive fun-filled dinner party, attended by staff and the senior management, at the Marriott Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The dinner party ended with a Limousine drive where they were chauffeured in luxury around the city of Abu Dhabi for 45 minutes.

"Many of them barely get by on their salaries, and sometimes hold down two or more jobs to support themselves and their families back home. Every dirham counts. So, it's not every day they get to experience a 5-star life. That's the thought that had lead us to arrange such an elaborate event exclusively for them. Because, really, we just wished to honour and thank our office support staff - housekeeping, office boys, drivers and others - for what they do for the organisation as well as for us," said Luqman, one of the event organisers from UAE Exchange. He signed off with a salute, saying, "We salute them and wanted them to know that their contributions are valuable."

Imam Ali, an office support staff, said: "This is the first time I have ever experienced such an event. I felt included and even though we all spoke many languages, the organisers made sure that there were translators so that we could actively participate in the games. I am very happy and thank UAE Exchange for making this evening special for us. It clearly shows that every individual who works in UAE Exchange, irrespective of what they do, is valued and respected."

"Surprise, excitement, happiness and pride are the sentiments each one of us felt. When I reached the hotel, I was first shocked then honoured to see our senior management members already there to welcome us. There were fun games, good food and above all a strong sense of bonding. I especially enjoyed the talent hunt, where I received the first prize for singing my favourite Tamil song," said Raja, one of the housekeeping staff.

Ibrahim, a support staff with UAE Exchange since 1990, was overwhelmed by the time the night drew to a close.

"This company has been my source of livelihood for the last 26 years. Being away from my family, I am lucky to have found a home away from home here. I've built a house, educated my children, and provide a good life for my family back in India, all because of the support that the company continues to give me. Tonight, they took it a step further. To be personally greeted by the CEO as I walked in is a moment I cannot forget. And then the Limousine trip with my friends - well, what can I say but I felt like a King for an evening!" said Ibrahim.

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