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On offer is the freedom to choose

Wednesday, 15 August 2012
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UAE Exchange salutes India on its Independence Day!

Money is sent. Money is received. A transaction is completed. But there is much more to a remittance transaction, across borders, than what meets the eye. It is a transfer of love and its acknowledgement in trust. But if we read between the lines, then we get to see the means that empowers this ‘transaction’ to be successful, every time it happens.

UAE Exchange salutes India on its Independence Day!

Most money transfers happen to India, the nation being the largest receiver of remittances in the world. The invisible link that connects and strengthens the bond, between these Indian expatriates and their families, is something that’s trusted by both sender and the receiver. Happiness in their lives strongly hinges on this vital link of remittance. Yes, we are talking about the link most trusted by expatriates and their dear ones, worldwide - UAE Exchange. This leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand contributes to 6% of the global remittance volume, of which a lion’s share goes to the sub-continent.

The global money transferrer always strives to bring more freedom to choose for the customers from the largest democracy in the world. They can choose to send money, to India, from any of the over 600 branches in 30 countries across five continents — the world’s largest network among remittance brands. Similarly their dear ones too can choose to collect the money sent from over 300 branches spread across the length and breadth of the country. Not to mention the freedom to address various other financial requirements through the relevant services offered at the counters. While Indian expatriates can choose to pay for their utility bills, air tickets, credit cards, subscriptions etc., at the UAE Exchange counters, their dear ones, back home, can choose ticket booking, gold loans and more.

UAE Exchange offers expatriates, a wide choice to literally connect with their families. They can connect by sending money. They can connect by recharging their dear ones’ mobile phones, back home, with top-up facility. They can also connect in the active online community built by the remittance major in the social media space.

The remittance major offers the freedom to choose, to the community, which loves freedom and has faced every challenge to achieve it. This, globally, much sought-after talent is known for its adaptability, integrity and loyalty. UAE Exchange, the world’s trusted money transferrer, takes pride in saluting this strong community and its nation for spreading rich values, worldwide.

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