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Up your Chances of Receiving More Interview Calls

Sunday, 21 July 2013
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Summary: A positive and strategic approach to job searching can help build your chances of receiving more interview calls.

Preparing oneself for being called up for an interview is as important as preparing oneself for an interview. If you have just started looking for jobs, a step in the right direction can accelerate results for your job search efforts. 

Include Job Search in your Daily Routine

If you are not persistent with your job search, you are more likely to miss a job opportunity that you have been waiting for. Make job search an everyday task. Go through newspapers or career magazines advertising vacancies.

Visit online job portals, social networking websites, and other online platforms that post job opportunities; many job portals allow you to register for free, and automatically send details of vacancies matching your criteria as and when they occur, to your registered email address.

Make Networking a Priority

Build your network. Spread the word among your relatives, friends and ex-colleagues that you are looking for a job. Social networking websites help you spread the word to the entire world and create a network across borders. Online portals such as LinkedIn and Plaxo offer you valuable opportunities for professional networking; utilise such portals to position yourself in a positive way and attract your dream job opportunities.

Craft an Impressive Resume

A resume is your basic tool to create an impression on your prospective employers. Craft a resume that balances information about your work and your personality. As a strategic approach, include keywords when uploading your resume online, to make it visible to employers searching for candidates with your profile. Ensure though that the keywords fit in naturally.

Use simple vocabulary and a legible font style to reflect professionalism. Highlight key developments in your career, preferably as a list, to attract the attention of recruiters immediately. Never forget to proofread your resume once it is done; a misspelling or poor punctuation can diminish the weight of your talent and experience and could cost you a potential interview.

When providing contact details, be sure to use email addresses that reflect professionalism; an address such as doesnÔÇÖt speak highly of your professionalism.

Become Proactive

Take advantage of any leisure time that you get during your job-search phase. Learn to prepare yourself for your interviews. This approach keeps you positive and equips you with skills needed to ace your interviews and perhaps win a job.

Script answers for commonly-asked questions at interviews such as describing yourself or your previous work experience. Come up with answers that highlight your best aspects. Practise delivering these answers in a confident manner. You could rehearse with friends or practise in front of a mirror.

Keep yourself Motivated

Staying motivated throughout the job search process is key to attaining success. Approach the process of job search with enthusiasm and confidence. Set goals on a daily basis to increase your focus; for example, set a daily target for the number of job listings that you plan to visit. Derive enthusiasm from the fact that you are learning a new aspect through your job search every day; this could be learning about new exciting companies, new technology tools that make job search easier, etc.

What else do you think one needs to do to attract better job prospects? We welcome your thoughts here.