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Rescue the Big Cat!

Friday, 14 September 2018

Emitting a sublime aura, the gorgeous tiger mesmerises us while strolling around with its bold golden coat, black stripes, amber eyes and strong physique. These glorious creatures are sadly on the verge of extinction now.

On this International Tiger Day, let’s take these three practical steps to help save the magnificent tigers.

  1. Be a responsible tourist. Experience wildlife without polluting or disturbing the ecosystem.
  2. Don’t buy products made from poached tiger parts. Report poaching activities to the concerned authorities. This will help prevent wildlife trade.
  3. Lend voice to the tigers. Reach out to the public and policy makers about the benefits and importance of habitat conservation for tigers.

What steps have you taken to rescue this big cat?


UAE Exchange has always been a socially conscious organisation. The brand recently volunteered with Tkiyet Em Ali Foundation in Jordan and reached to the less privileged families during April 2016.

Volunteering to help the less privilegedVolunteering to help the less privileged

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