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5 signs that shows you are more an expat!

Monday, 13 March 2017
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Has time just flied since you started living in a different country?

However when you return back home, the changes you see around, stings you hard and reminds you of how really long youÔÇÖve been away from your home. Here are few signs that secretly whisper in your ear that you are more an expat now than anything else!

1. The confusing question

When people ask ÔÇ£Where are you from?ÔÇØ, you tend to get confused. If you need a moment to think before answering that question, then you are certainly a seasoned expat.

2. Knowledge of politics

You probably understand the politics of your resident country better than you do of your home country. And, if you can start arguing about it with a local person, then youÔÇÖve definitely been an expat too long.

5 signs of an expat

3. Sending money home

You know everything anyone needs to know about online money transfers and remittances, and can distinguish between a dependable money transfer service provider and the scams. You know of all the ways of transferring money abroad even to loved ones without bank accounts.

4. Helping aspiring expats

You are the official light-in-the-tunnel to every young person who dreams of going abroad, as you are no longer the fresh-off-the-boat expat but the seasoned expat who is there to help others.

5. Going home for vacations

A trip back home is more of a holiday now! You know how to use a travel card to save money, and how to use it like a debit card without exorbitant charges. A lot of things around home may seem new and you feel a deep sense of nostalgia accompanied with a sense of adventure.

6. Changing accent

A change in your accent is also a definite sign that youÔÇÖve been living away from home too long. You begin to lose your natural accent and slowly start speaking in the accent of your resident country.

7. Juggling multiple languages
You start ÔÇÿthinkingÔÇÖ in two languages if the languages of your resident country and home country are different. Also, if you start using local words to express yourself better then you are immersed in your expat life.

ItÔÇÖs imminent that once you start living in a new country, you start adapting to their way of life and try to fit it. Over the years, it does become difficult to identify yourself with just one culture, especially if you have lived in many countries but thatÔÇÖs the wonderful life of an expat.

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