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5 signs youÔÇÖre in desperate need of a financial planner

Thursday, 01 September 2016
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Are you an expat who aspires to find a place in the millionaireÔÇÖs club?

Then you need to find yourself a certified, experienced financial planner. Not convinced?

LetÔÇÖs break this down for you to understand. As an expat breadwinner, your job doesnÔÇÖt just stop at sending your hard earned money back home. You have to ensure that your money breeds and multiplies or else youÔÇÖll run the risk of bankruptcy very soon. Hence donÔÇÖt wait till you land in serious financial illness to get rehabilitated using professional help.

financial planner

WeÔÇÖll help you out with 5 signs that indicate that you are in desperate need of a financial plannerÔÇÖs help. Here you go!

You have the following questions in mind

If you have any of the following questions in mind you definitely need a financial advisor.

  • How can I save for my childrenÔÇÖs education?
  • How can I slash my debt?
  • What are the ideal investments for my income?
  • How to save for retirement?
  • Is investment better than just saving?

You donÔÇÖt know how to make your money work for you

Do you have all your hard earned money locked up in your savings bank account? Then you certainly need an introduction into the concept of making money work and earn returns for you. An experienced financial advisor will be able to guide you on how to benefit from a diversified investment portfolio.

You donÔÇÖt have the time/knowledge to study the market

If you are a super busy professional, juggling family, work and other responsibilities, then you surely need a financial plannerÔÇÖs help and advice in studying and analysing the investment market scenario. Only then can your investments be handled optimally.

Your family is undergoing a big change

If there are big changes in your family such as weddings, child birth or shifting base to another country, then you have to carefully customise your investments with the help of a financial planner. In case of separation or divorce that requires huge money dissemination for alimony, child support and other legal expenses, itÔÇÖs imperative that you discuss these situations with your financial advisor.

You are losing lots of money to taxes

An experienced financial planner in association with a good auditor will help you with several ways to stay exempted from taxes. You can save and even earn huge returns by investing them in tax saving financial instruments.

So when do you think you need a financial planner?

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