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The WorldÔÇÖs Best Countries to Be an Immigrant

Monday, 14 September 2015
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The fact that human beings are a migratory species is clearly revealed when we look at the development of human civilisation. Some of the greatest and strongest nations on earth have been built around empires, adventurers and immigrants.

The reasons for migration vary immensely. Some people may be forced to migrate due to war, famine, and poverty or lack of political or personal freedom. Others may emigrate in search of better education systems, welfare programmes, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Some others are drawn by the cultural richness and that certain countries offer. So here’s a list (in no particular order) of some amazing countries that are immigrant friendly.

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United Kingdom, the sixth-largest economy attracts immigrants because of its high quality of life. Since it is an EU member state, immigrants from other EU member countries are free to live and work in the UK. The country has a stable economy and is a great destination for career and educational purposes.

Excluding the Vatican City, the United Arab Emirates has a higher percentage of immigrants than any other country in the world. This oil-rich country attracts many foreign workers, a majority of whom are from Asian countries. The facilities in UAE are world class, high standard of living, excellent work opportunities and handsome pay.

Germany is considered to be the most populous country in the European Union. The points that work in its favour are its excellent health care, education systems and highly developed infrastructure. Germany also has one the lowest birth rates in the world, coupled with the problem of an ageing population. Therefore, it needs migrants to keep the economy afloat, and the country is vigorously recruiting highly educated and skilled labourers from overseas.

The second-largest country in the world, Canada boasts an impressive education system and offers a high quality of life. Liberal immigration policies, good employment rates and multicultural cities also encourage migration to this country.

Seen as the “land of opportunity”, the United States is the home of the American Dream. The largest national economy in the world, it has well-developed infrastructure and high educational and social mobility. Host to almost twenty per cent of the world’s migrants, it possesses a harmonious blend of traditions, races, and cultures.

Some of the other immigrant-friendly countries are Norway, Australia, Brazil, Sweden and Denmark.

The countries that offer immigrants stable political and economic policies, opportunities for business and employment, and high standards of living attract people to migrate.

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