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Making money remittance to India, a joyous affair

Monday, 25 June 2012
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Last few months have been joyous for Indian expatriates worldwide. As Indian rupee ran down the ladder, excitement among the Indian Diaspora found a new zenith. De-regularisation of NRI interest rates in December 2011 brought much cheer to Indian expats. The status of the Indian rupee in 2012, so far, (a whopping 13 per cent low) has only widened the grin on their faces.

Around 27 million Indians live outside their motherland in across 190 countries, of which over six million expats are in the gulf. Together they ensured that $ 64 billion was sent to India as remittance in 2011, sustaining its position as the highest receiver of remittances as per the World Bank statistics. The ÔÇÿremittance to IndiaÔÇÖ graph has been steep in 2012 too. The falling rupee encouraged Indians to send more money home. Once they ran out of their money to send home, they turned to the bankers, who have happily opened their coffers for loan applicants.

The counters of remittance houses also have been quite busy helping Indians to remit money. One of the brands trusted by this enterprising community is UAE Exchange. This leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand, a favourite among the expatriates from the sub-continent, has been enabling them to send money home since over three decades. They could send it from any of the easily accessible and widely networked branches, worldwide.

Xpress Money, the instant money transfer service with over 135,000 payout locations in more than 125 countries; FLASHremit, the real-time bank account credit service; Money2anywhere.com, the convenient online money transfer portal by which money can be sent to any corner of the world in just a few clicks from an internet environment anywhere; Smart Pay, the WPS-compliant leading payroll solution; gocash, the prepaid travel card; and XPay, the online bill payment service using mobile phone, are some of the popular services offered by UAE Exchange. Along with these the customers can also make payments for their utility bills, credit card bills, school fee, subscriptions and more. All these made UAE Exchange a true financial supermarket.

But the remittance major hasnÔÇÖt stopped there. It has walked extra miles to ensure that its customersÔÇÖ dear ones too could easily collect the money sent, from their nearest UAE Exchange branch in India. This was made possible with the network of branches built across the length and breadth of the country. This 280-plus strong network is the largest in a single country, among the entire global operations of UAE Exchange. So no matter where the beneficiaries are, they will find a UAE Exchange branch near them. Adding to this is the brandÔÇÖs strong correspondent relationship with over 30 banks in India, which added more convenience to the family members of the Indian expatriates.

UAE Exchange has a strong relationship with all the communities that it serves, but has a special bond with the community from the worldÔÇÖs largest democracy. It has always shared their dreams and aspirations. To bring more value to them the remittance major has lined up exciting promotions like Money Majlis, Onasowbhagyam and more, which give out high value prizes like villas, cars, gold etc. These value-laden promotions have enabled this enterprising community to realise their long standing dreams.

India has always stood up against every challenge that has raised its hood and has emerged a winner. The nation derives its true strength from the strong values that it has got in legacy from its rich culture and heritage. Similarly UAE Exchange too has strong values, from which it continues to derive its strength to succeed. The remittance major is inspired by the zeal of India and reinforces its commitment to derive quality from values at all times, emerging successful ÔÇö very much like India.


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