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Bye-Bye skin allergy, Hello Holi! ÔÇô 3 simple ways to protect your skin this Holi

Wednesday, 23 March 2016
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The Indian festival of Holi brings in unabashed fun, frolic and excitement. The bright splashes of pink, blue, yellow, red and violet fills this day with vivid revelries. However, the fun-drain begins during the clean-up process when you observe rashes and blotches on your skin and hair. These skin allergies make most of us wary of celebrating this festival of colours.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you 3 easy tips to avoid skin issues and enjoy Holi to the fullest.

protect your skin this Holi

Keep the skin moisturised

Before you begin playing with colours, apply coconut, almond or olive oil on your skin and hair. You could smear oil over your face, and apply a thick layer of sunscreen and lip balm. This is the best way to ward off any dermatological issues.

Use colours from the kitchen

Beware of synthetic colours loaded with high lead content that could be easily absorbed into the blood stream. Create your own myriad of colours with kitchen-based ingredients such as chickpea flour, turmeric, fuller’s earth, sandalwood, henna, mint, marigold, gulmohar and beetroot. They would be gentle on the skin and also make you smell great.

Use cold water and lemon to remove the colours

Never wash with warm water or scrub the colour vigorously as it would deepen the stain. First blow away the dust of colours by using a hair dryer. If you have already moisturised your skin with oil, wash your skin with cold water and use a cotton cloth to remove the colour off the oily base. To remove any left-over stains, rub lemon wedges on your skin (provided you don’t have any existing citrus allergies). However, ensure you don’t step out in the sun immediately after using lemon on your skin.

Now don’t let your skin blues play spoil sport. Enjoy the coloured water balloons and yummy finger food, dancing to some groovy music!

Check out for events near you, and let us know how you celebrated this festival of colours. 

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