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Safety Hacks to Revel in the Rain

Monday, 23 November 2015
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The Emiratis woke up to the pitter-patter of the rain drops last week, which subtly announced the arrival of winter. In Dubai, the wet weather was a welcome sight to many.
Enjoying the first rain shower of the year is an experience in itself, to watch children play in the rain, sailing their paper boats and elders enjoy their hot nibbles. However as the rains progress, inconveniences start creeping in.Even the slightest nudge on the wrong side could result in serious catastrophe.

safety hacks to revel in the rain

To facilitate safer revelry, you’ll have to follow these simple tips.

Drive Safe

Before heading out make sure you check traffic reports to see if there is any flooding, traffic collisions or road closures in your route. The rain water would contribute to slippery roads. Hence two wheelers need to exercise caution while driving. Check your tires as only proper ones provide the needed traction on wet roads. Consider taking a portable car starter and turn on your headlight for better visibility on foggy or rainy days. Drive at a reasonable speed as it takes a bit longer to halt in wet weather.

Eat Healthy

The rainy weather could bring in symptoms off flu and cold. However eating right could help ward off those infections. Drink warm soup and eat Vitamin C rich food to revitalize and boost your immune system. Don’t eat contaminated or unwashed fruits or veggies.

Dress Safe

Wear comfortable rain gear. Carry an extra pair of clothing and microfiber tower. It is unwise to walk around wet. Don’t forget to use hankies with droplets of eucalyptus oil to avert infections.

Protect Gadgets

This hack works. When your gadget gets wet, put it in a bag of dry rice as soon as possible for 24 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture from your phone without damaging your gadgets. Leave it in there for 24 hours and try again. If it does not work now, place your gadget on top of a dehumidifier.

Use Technology

There are several mobile apps that could be of great help during rainy season.


Accuweather provides hourly weather forecasts for over 2.7 million locations globally, along with health reports.


This app helps you dress yourself appropriately according to the weather.


My Radar app gives you an accurate, easy-to-read map with live weather radar so you can see what's coming on your route.

Get your Home Ready

Inspect your ceilings, walls and pipes for cracks that would result in leaks. Make sure your gutter system drains well with proper sealing in place. Have absorbent rags ready to wipe out any water leakage or spill.

Plan Indoor Fun activities

Children as well as adults, tend to get bored and cranky during torrential rain. Plan fun indoor activities such as treasure hunts, word/card games, movie marathons and kids kitchen sessions to engage and entertain.

The rain doesn’t mess things up, people do. Who are we to say “Rain Rain Go Away”!

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