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Things you should consider before joining loyalty programs

Friday, 03 March 2017
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Confused about whether or not to join the loyalty program offered by your money transfer service provider? WeÔÇÖll help you ease the confusion.

First off, you need to understand that loyalty programs are not trap mechanisms to ensure customers stay. They are genuinely designed to reward and make customers feel special. However, to be extra careful, here are factors you should consider before joining any loyalty program.

Discounts and gifts

Discounts, loyalty bonuses, free merchandise and a one-on-one experience ÔÇô these are few of the many perks of joining loyalty programs. Check if the loyalty program offered by your money transfer provider has lifestyle benefits such as special offers on fine dining, entertainment, shopping and leisure activities.

Freedom from queues

Nobody likes waiting in long queues ÔÇô they are such a hassle! The loyalty program you are a part of should offer this benefit ÔÇô freedom from standing in long queues. They must also provide you with the exclusive benefits of dealing with relationship managers who can address all your queries.

Handling different currencies and financial processes are never easy, however if you are a loyal customer of a reputed money transfer company you would be getting these as personalised services.

Loyalty Programme

Competitive rates

As a loyal customer, you should be enjoying special competitive rates for your remittance and foreign currency needs, through the loyalty program.

Services at your door step

If you are a busy executive who frequently travels, then itÔÇÖs impossible for you to visit the money transfer centers, for your requirements. Here being part of loyalty program comes handy. You can avail all the services from the comfort of your office or home.

Insurance cover

Insurance is a very important component, especially if you have dependents. Hence ensure your loyalty program offers you an insurance cover. It could be life or health or even travel.

Updates and Alerts

Always make sure you get a message update on your registered mobile number, every time you carry out a transaction. This is crucial for security purposes and to update yourself on the remaining benefits you can avail using the loyalty card.

Ensure your loyalty program card is linked to your mobile number. So that you need not carrying the card all the time to avail the discounts and benefits offered by the program.

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