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Traffic rule amendments, every expat should know about

Thursday, 04 May 2017
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DonÔÇÖt you love the extensive, well developed roads in the UAE?

The scenic trips make every journey more beautiful than the destination! Most of them are multilane motorways, capable of catering to the high number of vehicles plying on the UAE roads.

To ensure road safety, residents and expats need to adhere to traffic laws. Or high fines will be levied. Recently there were a few amendments made to the traffic rules, focused on the expat community.

Here are the new traffic laws.

Stop 5 meters away: All vehicles should stop at a minimum distance of 5 meters away from public transport vehicles and school buses. This will apply when the vehicles stop to disembark or embark passengers.

Renew license with 5 year validity: All new licenses will expire within two years of being issued. Renewed licenses will be valid for 10 years for citizens and 5 years for expats.

Expats Driving Licence

Get health certificate for new license: For new licenses, applicants need to be certified by competent health facilities to ensure they do not have any diseases which will impede their driving ability. They need to also pass the driving tests and pay the fee required.

Protectively strap your children while driving: Children over the age of 10 years or 145 cm in height can sit in the front seat of cars, and children below the age of four needs to be strapped to protective seats.

DonÔÇÖt cross the bus routes: Specific bus routes will be allocated and every bus will be assigned a route and time. Other vehicles may not pass on these routes assigned to the buses, except civil defense, ambulance, rescue and police vehicles in the course of duty.

Maintain the designated speed: Drivers passing by residential areas, hospitals or educational institutions need to take utmost care in maintaining their speeds so as to not cause disturbances.

Remember that no one is permitted to drive a motorised two or three wheelers unless they are registered and licensed by the licensing authorities. The UAE also has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards driving while intoxicated. Drunken driving is a criminal offence.

With these amendments in mind, get your driverÔÇÖs license and enjoy your road trips.

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