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5 fun ideas to spend time with your friends!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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When was the last time you had a tummy yanking laugh? CanÔÇÖt remember? Then it means that you havenÔÇÖt met your friends in the recent past.

Putting food on the table for your family and paying off debts are not the only reason for living. Infact to be more productive in achieving your personal goals and carrying on the above mentioned duties, you need to have fun. Yes, thatÔÇÖs a scientifically proven fact!

Life is fun when you have your friends around. With the International day of friendship around the corner, ensure you meet up with your besties. Here are our ideas on fun ways in which you can spend time with your friends!

Get out of town

Plan an out-of-town rendezvous with your best friends. Choose natural locales such as hill stations, beach holidays or desert safaris, so that you and your friends can go for a fond nostalgic trip down the memory lane, without any disturbance. Book your tickets well in advance, so that you can avoid last minute disappointments.

Pamper yourself

If you donÔÇÖt want to get out of town, you can have fun indulging yourselves at a spa or even going on a shopping spree. There are spas in Dubai such as the Heart and Soul, which offer multisensory experiences, with a masseuse giving a warm soothing massage while the harp player plays her music in tandem with the kneading.

Things to do on Friendship day


Go on a coffee tour

Can you resist a steaming cup of hot, dark, bitter-sweet coffee? Then you have to go on this aromatic coffee bean journey with your besties at the coffee museum in Al Fahidi. Irrespective of you being a coffee aficionado or not, youÔÇÖll fall in love with the stories behind the origin of coffee, ancient grinders, pots and roasters. DonÔÇÖt miss trying out the authentic Ethiopian and Turkish coffee prepared and served by people in traditional costumes!

Explore underwater marine life

Boasting of over 33,000 aquatic species and the largest collection of sand tiger sharks, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is an exciting way to spend time with your friends. Located at The Dubai Mall, this place takes you through a 48-metre walk-through tunnel exploring various species of marine wildlife. Remember to not miss taking the glass-bottom boat tour, getting wet in a snorkelling cage and to go swimming with the sharks. It would be the most memorable experience indeed!

Get adventurous

Are you an adventure trip lover? Then head to Absolute Adventures in Dubai. They can provide you customised adventure tour packages both locally and internationally. You can also sign up for the exciting 24hr Desert Survival Course in association with the Bear Grylls survival academy. YouÔÇÖll learn things such as how to light a fire, find and purify water, deal with snakes and scorpions in the wild, etc.

To continue having fun times with your friends and still make full use of the time, sign up for courses on fitness, pottery, yoga, archery or even hula hooping. Use a prepaid travel card to handle all expenses and payments without worrying about cash!

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