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6 ways in which diversity boosts your productivity

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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Heard about the counter-productive hiring reality happening at workplaces?

Managers hire team members who are very much identical to them in most aspects. This is a complacent productivity disaster in the making. What they fail to understand when they choose their work twin, is that a teamÔÇÖs strength lies in the differences and not in similarities!

Mckinsey research finding goes on to prove this fact. According to a detailed study in 2015, organisations that were high on ethnic and gender diversity levels, were more likely to outperform their homogenous counterparts by 35% and 15% respectively!

Curious to know how diversity improves productivity? Here are the reasons.

Brings in wider experience

Today diversity in human capital is one of the most competitive differentiators in any team or business. It implies a bigger palate of varied experience, which could cumulatively increase the collective productivity of any team.

Creates constructive conflicts

Winning teams usually comprise of a mixture of men, women, introverts, extroverts, dreamers, analytical thinkers, etc. These diverse personalities lend their ideas which might be contradictory. Constructively discussing the pros and cons of these contradictions usually result in ground breaking ideas and action plans.

Diversity at Work place

Cultivates attitude change

Employee attitude greatly affects the performance of any team. Having a diverse team, helps mould the attitude of people in an optimal way. It helps people be open minded, free from prejudice and more understanding towards other peopleÔÇÖs perspectives, beliefs and sensitivities. This broadens the teamÔÇÖs thinking capabilities, thus leading to better performance.

Forges productive collaborations

Team members should never function in isolation. The diverse skills and expertise of the team members will be put to best use only when they collaborate. The team members learn to communicate freely,  understand emotional intelligence, share ideas, knowledge and also be flexible and more receptive to comments, only when they collaborate.

Increases customer satisfaction

In retail businesses, when customerÔÇÖs see that team members are from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, they are able to relate better with the company. This helps them develop a comfort zone with the brand. They express their feelings or grievances to executives they share a commonality with. This ensures more personalised service and superior customer satisfaction. Naturally the performance of the company goes up.

Nurtures goodwill ambassadors

When employees from diverse backgrounds, realise the value addition their perspective brings to the table, they begin appreciating their workplace for fostering diversity.  They become goodwill ambassadors to the company, never badmouthing their employers. This results in increased employee retention and decreased absenteeism.

Now that you know the benefits of having a diverse team, go ahead and revisit your team strategy!

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