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Effective ways to ease your return back to work after a vacation

Thursday, 08 June 2017
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Going on a vacation is a great way to relieve stress and rejuvenate yourself. However getting back to work after the gorgeous break is where the problem begins. After unpacking, catching up on laundry and getting some sleep, you need to mentally prepare yourself to get back to work.

So how do you ease yourself back into the daily grind? Follow the tips below.

Visualise fun times at work

Mentally prepare yourself by thinking about the fun times you had at work. If you have bought souvenirs for colleagues, keep them ready to be disseminated along with great stories when you go to office the next day. These thoughts will keep you pleasantly engaged and not scare you about piled up work.

Clear up workstation

After you settle into your desk, ensure you declutter your work space. Tidying always gives you a sense of clarity and direction. It makes you sit at peace.

Work after Vacation

Check emails

Sort your emails by subject or sender to gain better perspective on what happened when you were away. Reading mails in chronological order will confuse you and make you feel disconnected. DonÔÇÖt forget to turn off the out-of-office responders.

Meet up with team

Arrange a quick meeting with your team to understand developments and issues faced while you were away. Comprehend the way forward and assigned tasks. Collaboration is the best way to move ahead, especially when youÔÇÖve just settled in.

Prioritise task and revise calendar

Now based on discussions and emails, prepare a list of tasks to be done based on priority. Accordingly review and revise your calendar. DonÔÇÖt forget to include upcoming meetings, due dates, reports, projects and other concerns. This will prevent you from getting caught off-guard, when approached about a project or deadline.

Tackle one task at a time

DonÔÇÖt be overwhelmed and handle too many tasks at once. Take it slowly and do one task at a time. After a relaxing vacation you shouldnÔÇÖt be getting overstressed.

DonÔÇÖt be distracted

If you really want to ease out your transition into work, you need to cut out all distractions. DonÔÇÖt start group texting or checking social media or taking long coffee breaks. Ensure you focus on what needs to be done, so that at the end of the day, you will get a sense of accomplishment. This feel will help sustain you till you completely get on the groove.

Remember not to work late, the very first day. Leave early and celebrate your return to work after a great vacation!