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The 10 funniest chocolate covered foods

Thursday, 15 December 2016
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Did you know that in Mayan civilisation, chocolate was so valuable it was used as currency? The Mayans believed the cocoa bean was worth more than gold dust, and restricted its cultivation so as not to ÔÇ£devalueÔÇØ their money.

The Mayans were conquered by the Aztecs, who in turn were conquered by the Spanish, and thus chocolate spread to Europe and the rest of the world. In its earliest forms, chocolate was not sweet - in fact it was quite bitter. It was only when the Spanish began adding sugar to it that the taste we know as modern chocolate was born.

In parts of Latin America, chocolate is still used widely as an ingredient in savoury dishes. So, combining chocolate with ingredients that are not ÔÇ£sweetÔÇØ isnÔÇÖt new. However, it has to be said that there are some weird and wacky combinations out there. In honour of Chocolate Covered Anything Day on December 16th here are some of the weirdest chocolate-covered snacks weÔÇÖve found:

Choclate Onion Food

Chocolate covered onions: Muellers Chocolate in Philadelphia sells these delicacies, which have become world famous. Tourists flock to the store to pick up one of the chocolate covered raw onions.

Chocolate covered pickles: Believe it or not, the internet is full of recipes for chocolate-covered gherkins. Aficionados cite the sweetness of the chocolate and the sourness of the pickle, which combine to produce an interesting set of flavours.

Chocolate covered insects: No, itÔÇÖs not your worst nightmare, itÔÇÖs merely a trip to Fortnum and Mason, LondonÔÇÖs upscale emporium. The food hall stocks scorpions covered in chocolate. This oneÔÇÖs only for the brave.

Chocolate covered roses: Say it with flowers, they say. ItÔÇÖs even better if the flowers are covered in chocolate, making them edible.

Chocolate covered beef jerky: Colorado chocolatiers ÔÇ£The Chocolate TherapistÔÇØ have come up with an unusual product: beef jerky dipped in chocolate. ItÔÇÖs certainly a quirky combination of flavours but apparently quite popular.

On the other hand, some combinations are more run of the mill and work well as everyday snacks:

Chocolate covered popcorn: ItÔÇÖs a twist on the caramel flavoured popcorn readily available in UAE cinemas. Popped kernels are dipped in chocolate for a sweet treat.

Chocolate covered Wasabi peas: Strangely, the combination of spicy wasabi seasoning and sweet chocolate actually works.

Chocolate covered seaweed: ItÔÇÖs all the rage in Korea, apparently. Japanese and Koreans are fans of this snack, which combines chocolatey goodness with the health benefits of seaweed. Your daily dose of minerals, vitamins and iodine wrapped in a delicious coating? Why not?

Chocolate covered carrots: Carrots are healthy, and part of your five-a-day plan. But cover them in chocolate and they become a decadent crunchy treat.

Chocolate covered chilli peppers: Bringing chocolate back to its Latin American roots, this is a time-honoured if mouth-singeing combination.

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