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Thursday, 14 January 2016
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A Customer’s Journey with UAE Exchange

UAE Exchange was ranked among the top three brands in the UAE Financial Services industry for having a strong emotional connection with its customers. This was according to the 2015 UAE Brand Intimacy Report released by MBLM in partnership with Praxis.

This post is part one of a two-part series featuring customers as guest writers. Here is Rayyan Salman, customer of UAE Exchange since 2008, sharing his thoughts on why he values his relationship with UAE Exchange.

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Rayyan Salman, General Manager, Quill Communications FZ-LLC

As a business owner, I believe that it is paramount to offer good customer service to be successful and sustain in any industry. With so many choices and options, especially in the service industry, a brand always needs to think ahead of the customer to make him happy. And for the same reasons, I’m also a fussy customer with very high expectations.

Recently, I read that MBLM, a brand intimacy agency, revealed the results of an interesting brand intimacy survey conducted in the UAE on the relationship between customers and brands. And, when I looked at the brands ranking list, I experienced an “A-ha” moment…because, right there, one of the top three was my go-to financial service provider, UAE Exchange.

I’ve been a customer of UAE Exchange for over seven years now and I tend to go back to them all the time, every time. I’d always thought of that as a personal choice. Never once had I given an iota of consideration to the fact that I keep going back because they keep doing things right.

The report cited that the strongest attribute of UAE Exchange was ‘enhancement’. It further stated that “This archetype was based on the consumer’s belief that they became better, smarter, more capable and more connected through the services provided by the company.”

I realised that’s exactly what UAE Exchange does all the time. Yes, the branch manager knows my name. Yes, they’re happy to see me and they always treat my requests courteously but, the real reason I keep going back is because life seems less complicated when I’m dealing with them.

Like the hassle-free times when I use their services for credit card payments, remittances, tele-transfers, currency exchanges from Dirhams to the currency of every other destination I visit, to even paying my utility bills. It is a one-stop-shop, really! Once you’re there, you might as well get everything done.

It now occurs to me that they also innovate all the time. True innovation is the simple thing that makes a particular task easier and simpler, letting you focus on the bigger things in life. I’d never considered it but, their multi-currency travel prepaid card, gocash lets me charge with different currencies before I travel. It makes my life easier, given that I spend a lot of time on a plane to somewhere. Then there’s the UAE Exchange Gold Card – a loyalty card where I collect, in one place, all my payments info and then make transactions. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s the equivalent of hiring another accountant for my business.

So there you have it. Well done UAE Exchange. But for other brands out there, including my own company, it’s worth remembering that true value isn’t something that customers have to actively think about. It’s something that helps them sleep better at night because they’ve had a productive day.

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